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Puzzle Craft 2 – The Great Choice For The Weekend

At the weekend, people often try to spend maximum time to go play with relatives, friends. But for a variety of reasons, still people don’t plan anything else besides at home looking for something interesting on the Internet, on the phone.

Would be great if you are planning to leave the house at the end of this week, but if not, don’t be sad because we will introduce to you a fun game for your entertainment in 2 days. It is called Puzzle Craft 2.

Basically, this is placed in the form of a combination of soothing entertainment game and online building genre. In the game, you will be on the role of a warlord shipwrecked and drift on a deserted island. With your talent and your leadership instinct, you will have to rebuild a new Kingdom from numbers 0 plump.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Puzzle Craft 2

Throughout the game, you will have to search for raw materials, build a house, the growing population of his Kingdom, … All raw materials are obtained through soothing puzzle game mode when you only need to find the objects have the same shape.

When there is enough material then you will can employers, construction of new housing. You may ask the question: was the wild islands, then where did you get the person hiring? Indeed, this has the somewhat silly, but to have an exciting recreation game then we can temporarily ignore that.

The material in the game is also quite rich to players seek. From the reeds, trees for all wheat, animals also have searchable. From the raw material of this profile, you will be able to create the kind of yarn, wood construction, bread…

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That is exactly the product you need to build his Kingdom. The game is also quite the logic in the use of raw materials to build, for example to employers then you need clothes for their fibre and bread to eat, and if you want to build a house, then of course you need to have the wood and other things.

Unlike the games built into the other, in Puzzle Craft 2 you will build both a Kingdom rather than just a small area. You will develop on the whole island, and in each area of the island, you will encounter different terrain features. There is only one available on the island, which is the forest to fetch wood.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Puzzle Craft 2

If in terms of difficulty, the game has a fairly low level of difficulty. Puzzle game throughout both games proved pretty easy to get acquainted and conquer. But the easy start makes us easy to mistaken ideas about the “consumer” comfortable in this game.

Be careful when deciding to use the money to game stores or extravagant for something, the more you will see is the play by them is relatively difficult to find. If not careful, you will fall into the vicious circle: make money to plough the material, but most of the money is to take the material off the sale.

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As said, this is their game was born to entertain rather than merely a blockbuster pits. The sound system and the graphics in the game are just average, and perhaps that is beneficial to the player when they are just interested in playing the game without too much attention to the little details.

Basically, this is not an addictive game which made us have to “attach” took it all day to play. But to meet the needs of basic entertainment then surely it’s enough to make you fascinated.












Some Most Interesting Puzzle Game For Android

Brain It On

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Brain It On

Dozens of challenging gameplay you must use the brownie thinking, creative and a little bit of physics knowledge to draw up the route for through ball to the finish line to cross. Brain It On is a game in the genre of wisdom for those who love the genre. Look at the outward, Brain It On looks very easy but when you play and you’ll have a headache about gameplay, challenges you have to overcome are very difficult if you don’t think a little and before of the way for balls can go to the required destination to pass to the next level.

Lara Croft Go

Hình ảnh có liên quan

About the gameplay, Lara Croft GO just with the other puzzle game by bringing players to challenges from the level of easy to difficult. The game started with the simple obstacles, the following stages will be difficult and requires you to use all the skills that the character can do. Our main goal is still bringing the girl Lara to be the location indicated by the obstruction from the environment, enemies. Instead of using the gun to shoot down on them from a distance, you will have to brainstorm based on environment, stages to overcome them.

Deus Ex Go

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Deus Ex Go

Deus Ex GO is rookie turn-based strategy and puzzle elements to the thrilling and fascinating combination of two game series Hitman and Tom Raider comes from Square Enix, United Kingdom. Quickly download the game to experience and explore the interesting storyline in the game.

The Room series

Kết quả hình ảnh cho The Room series

This game title brings a finding clues style, the player will click on objects on the screen to search for clues to be able to pass. This game consists of 3 parts, with each part containing the content is quite long and complex enough for players to be curious and try to resolve the questions that are posed.

Two Dots

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Two Dots

The content of the game is incredibly simple, like the name of it. The player will have to connect the dots of the same color together as much as possible in just one turn. The dots are connected with each other with minimum of 2 dots vertically or horizontally. It sounds very easy but Two Dots can be addictive to any gamer would preferred the match of wits category.