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Top 5 mobile games make you crazy decoding puzzles (Part 2)

100 Doors

The goal when playing 100 Doors is to open the door to go to the next floor. However, in order to open the elevator doors, you need to solve the correct puzzles. Some are quite simple, like picking up a key and using it, some as difficult as spotting complex patterns.

100 Doors is a harmonious combination of puzzles and is a suitable game to play to kill time while waiting or moments of short breaks.

100 Doors does not have eye-catching graphics, but in fact it is not necessary. The sound effects in the game are quite good, but one thing that inhibits the player is sometimes not getting control from touching the screen. In addition, it’s a free game in the iTunes Store, but the game will display ads at the bottom of the screen.

Doors & Rooms

This is another escape game, and if you like 100 Doors or The Room Two introduced earlier then you will quickly fall in love with this game. Doors & Rooms inherit a system of questions from previous games with challenging levels not inferior to.

Doors & Rooms emphasize logic. Although the in-game answers and answers do not have simple, direct or even reasonable elements, the game is still appreciated when it brings educational challenges. Hints and tutorials are available, but you will get more fun if you solve the puzzles yourself without any help.

However, overall the quality of the puzzles is a bit messy. Plus, Doors & Rooms is a free game powered by a coin-to-unlock system. There are three stages of suggestion per stage: first you will be given a very vague pointer, then something a little more specific, while the third stage shows the answer in black and white if you have become really difficult.

Cubic Room 3

The last puzzle game that we want to introduce to you is Cubic Room 3. With a pretty eye-catching graphics platform, players will have to try hard not to be engrossed in sightseeing but forget to think to have. can get out of the room.

Cubic Room 3 is not too complicated but quite brain-damaging; it offers decent graphics, is easy to control, and is quite a lot of fun. You never stop being impressed by the questions this game brings – the questions are judged to be quite ingenious and there are many ways to think.

Top 5 mobile games make you crazy decoding puzzles (Part 1)

Certainly the mobile games in the following article will make the majority of players crazy to decode.

The Room Two

Just like its predecessor, The Room Two is essentially a puzzle game based on objects in the room, but instead of just revolving around a large object, you will now have to solve puzzles involving many objects, objects in 1 room.

Admittedly, the complexity of The Room Two’s puzzles has gotten pretty much more complicated. Each object in each chapter you play will hide not only one but a few keys or hints that help you move on to the next step of the puzzle in any other object in the room. When you first experience the game, you will only start with a handful of objects, but this number will increase over the course of the game. Not only that, up to higher levels, sometimes you still have to go back to collect more hints for the tough puzzles that are about to face.

Cube Escape: Seasons

Cube Escape is one of the best Escape Room games according to gamers around the world. Players must discover the mysteries behind the cubes. You will start the game with data about spring 1964, with a room that seems quiet and not dangerous. However, as soon as you start to collect clues to solve the puzzle, you will quickly realize you have made a mistake.

This is a great game, a little scary (if you have a weak heart) and is really hard. The best advice for those who want to test this game is to only use the suggestions when absolutely necessary, after thinking carefully.

On the other hand, compared to The Room Two, Cube Escape is a bit worse in stereoscopic vision because this is a 2D game. Besides, this game is a bit too much for the first-time gamers to know this game genre.

TOP best intellectual game on phone

If you are feeling bored when playing games with tension, suspense like action games, shooters, etc. you can try playing thinking games like brain games.

Brain games is a game genre where we can train our intelligence as well as our thinking ability. Today we will introduce some extremely attractive intellectual games on the phone, invite you to join us.

1. Skillz

It can be said that Skillz is an extremely attractive intellectual game with a variety of games with different gameplay. When participating in these games, we will easily improve our memory as well as develop logical thinking skills.

The game’s interface is simply designed, so that all ages can play this game.

Some outstanding features of the game:

  • There are questions with many different levels from easy to difficult.
  • Can replay the screen I just lost.
  • Multiplayer mode allows me to challenge my friends to see who is smarter.

2. Cut the Rope

It can be said that Cut the Rope is a familiar game. In this game, everyone will have to use their logical thinking skills to find a way to cut the rope so that the candy falls into the frog’s mouth. The candy will break if you let it touch the obstacles.

In addition, at each level you will have to make the candy hit the stars to collect them. When you get more stars, you can unlock other levels.

Outstanding features of the game:

  • There are 17 boxes corresponding to 425 levels, so we can play this game freely.
  • The gameplay is very simple, so that all ages can play.
  • Vibrant graphics, extremely funny and lovely characters.

3. Where’s My Water 2

Where’s My Water 2 is an addictive brain teaser developed by Disney producer. This is a game where players will have to use their computing power to find a way to go back to the water for the Swampy crocodile to bathe.

In the game, there will be toy ducks in different positions in each level, how can you bring water back to the crocodile to bathe and flood the ducks to collect them. When you have more ducks, you can unlock more levels.

Top best IQ game today

If you are a fan of the brain hacking puzzle game genre, you can definitely not ignore the following games, the list of the top best IQ games today is sure to make your brain twisted.

IQ games have always been one of the genres that a lot of people love today because they have a fairly simple way of playing, which can be played in either Online or Offline mode. Hopefully the list of top best IQ games today will satisfy your thirst.

1. Brain Out

Topping the list of Top Best IQ games today is Brain Out, a puzzle game that challenges the intelligence of powerful players. Brain Out requires you to use all your brain, judgment, logical thinking and creativity to overcome the toughest questions. Sometimes Brain Out questions are very simple but it takes you hours to answer them, causing extreme inhibition.

2. Brain Test

Speaking of Brain Out, it is impossible not to mention Brain Test puzzle game, an addictive brain training game on your phone or tablet. Brain Test puzzles have many different forms such as crossword, word search game, find items, fill in sudoku numbers, enter numbers are not only intellectual but extremely funny.

3. Rescue Cut

An indispensable game in the list of the top best IQ games today, Rescue Cut has a gameplay easier to understand than the two games above. In Rescue Cut you just need to find a way to cut the ropes so that the main character is suspended from the danger of the supervisor, traps with increasing difficulty each level.

4. Hello Stars

Joining Hello Stars, players just have to touch the screen and add any lines or shapes to bring the ball to the designated position, the position where the ball appears after each screen will be changed.

Certainly, with the list of the Top best IQ games currently listed by us above, it will take you many days to clear a game. What are you waiting for, quickly download now to prove your IQ go.

PUZZLE STAR BT21 – An interesting intellectual puzzle game for BTS fans

PUZZLE STAR BT21 is a match – 3 brain game for mobile with beautiful graphic design and very lovely, PUZZLE STAR BT21 is the product of famous game publisher LINE, moreover with the contribution of BTS group with funny characters.

Let’s find out more information about this game!

PUZZLE STAR BT21 is loved by many gamers, especially BTS fans because the characters in the game are designed by the members of the group. Add to that the fun gameplay style and a unique storyline as the characters embark on their quest for legendary songs that can help them become these cosmic superstars at will.

PUZZLE STAR BT21 gives players hundreds of levels with many different challenges. In which your task is to draw boxes in the given shape into the empty boxes in the game board to remove the iron blocks and collect the necessary blocks. And yet, the game also provides a huge collection of fashion items for the BT21 character cast for players to collect and customize superstars.

For those who love tank shooting games, Tank Battle Heroes will be another quality addition to your collection, in Tank Battle Heroes you will be confronted with gamers from everywhere in the online strategy game.

The fashion style that follows the trend of BT21 members only appears in PUZZLE STAR BT21. Players participating in the game will enjoy the new style of this cast of characters. You can even share news about BT21 on facebook and make friends with other players. Friends can give hearts to each other to continue the game.

Puzzle Heart is also a puzzle game but designed with pictures of eye-catching flowers, leaves, and fruits, Puzzle Heart also includes thousands of attractive levels, many tasks to complete, building new public structures as well as meeting lovely characters.

Top 5 best free pc and mobile puzzle games

There are many people who play games but not all gamers choose for themselves but action, horror or adventure games. The following games will be games to help increase intelligence for those who love solving puzzles.

Although it is difficult, we believe that if you can solve it, you will be very happy.

The Room: Old Sins

The Room: Old Sins, also known as The Room 4, is considered to be the toughest game currently available on pc and mobile.

The game retains the same style and color graphics as the previous versions. Players only need to perform simple operations on the screen such as swiping, sliding the screen to control the character’s perspective.


This is a smart game to hack the brain by helping a group of stranded astronauts to find a safe place to shelter.

The content of the game is very simple, just control so that the characters move in the right direction and get rid of the traps.

Each level gives the player a certain time and must be completed before completing. Once you have found the way for the astronauts to escape, you have completed that level.

Ticket To Earth

A planet very far from Earth, with many conspiracy to kill people, usurp property and food from each other is what is in Ticket To Earth.

You will play the role of a hero and fight in revolutionary tactics. The game is a mixture of thought-provoking puzzles and players must control their steps in order not to fall into the arms of their enemies.

All That Remains: Part 1

In this game, the main goal is for players to find their way out in difficult spaces before bad things happen.

Gamer will explore a dungeon, collect item evidence, decode puzzle clues and try to escape from that place before the door is locked.

You can also contact outside for help with radio assistance available.

Monument Valley

This game is one of the classic games on iOS and Android today. Monument Valley has its own attractions in each level of play.

Players will be challenged a lot when getting lost in wonderland and solving those difficult questions in it.

Top best puzzle game on phone and PC for you (Part 2)

5. The Room: Old Sins

The Room: Old Sins, also known as The Room 4, is one of the toughest puzzle games available today on Mobile. The game retains the same gloomy colors as the previous versions, you perform simple actions on the screen such as swiping, sliding your finger to adjust the character’s perspective, checking every item in the room and decoding the puzzles of the game.

The Room: Old Sins - Curiosity Room COMPLETE - Walkthrough ...

6. Causality

Causality is a brain hacking puzzle game by helping a group of stranded astronauts find their way to safety. The game has a simple gameplay, you just have to navigate the characters and get out of the traps. Each level has a time limit, you have to lead astronauts to the exit that suits them in a limited time frame, when all are to the exit, your friend has completed the level.

7. Ticket To Earth

A distant planet, a deadly conspiracy,  a dying colony, fighting a greedy system are all there in Ticket to Earth, the revolutionary strategy RPG. The game is a continuous blend of turn-based tactics, thought-provoking puzzles, you must control your moves and use the buffs available to fight your enemies.

Ticket to Earth (by Robot Circus) - iOS/Android/PC - HD Gameplay ...

8. All That Remains: Part 1

In All That Remains: Part 1, your main goal is to find your way out before bad things happen. Explore a dungeon, collect items, solve clues, puzzles and try to escape from the room before the door is locked. You can seek help from your sister through the built-in radio contact.

9. Monument Valley

Among the classic puzzle games, Monument Valley has many attractions in each level, you will be challenged quite a lot when you get lost in the wonderland, enjoy the art works, architectural style.

Top best puzzle game on phone and PC for you (Part 1)

For those who love puzzle games, you probably still remember the feeling when solving a difficult puzzle requires thinking for many days to find the answer, if you want to continue to experience the feeling of addictive.

Let’s conquer the games on this list with us!

If you are a fan of mind games, puzzle games with brain hacking gameplay, you will not be able to miss our following games. Please follow the following article offline.

1. Brain Out

Topping the list of best puzzle games on mobile that Taimienphi wants to introduce to you this time is Brain Out. Contrary to the thinking logic like a regular puzzle game, Brain Out ‘s puzzles are  sometimes extremely confusing and like a tough joke. Only when you get over the normal way of thinking can you win the game.

Tổng hợp đáp án Brain Out màn 101 đến 150 (Có video hướng dẫn)

2. Brain Test

Similar to Brain Out, Brain Test players cannot use the usual way of thinking to get through the levels, instead you are forced to find a suitable alternative. And sometimes you will be surprised and laugh when you find the answer is hidden very carefully by the clever, witty brains of the publisher. Simple game interface, bright colors, so suitable for both adults and children.

3. Stump Me

Are you really smart enough to beat your friends in this addictive brain puzzle game  Stump Me ? Or are you smart enough to overcome the challenges, not be fooled by the publisher’s trick puzzles. Both of these 2 questions will be answered quickly when you participate in extremely headache but no less humorous puzzles from Stump Me.

Stump Me Game Level 1-90 - YouTube

4. Hello Stars

Possessing extremely simple “wire man” graphics,  Hello Stars is a puzzle game that at first glance is easy to play, but difficult to win. There are no diverse puzzles like other games, at each level Hello Stars players will use their brushstrokes to make the water balloon fly in the right place. Revealing, the secret to winning the game is to apply well knowledge of gravity that you have learned.

9 Benefits When Children Play Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are a tool for parents to teach their children important life skills below:

1. Puzzle is a tool that teaches children how to solve problems

A good jigsaw is usually designed and cut so that no two pieces have the same shape and size. When a child tries to put one piece in its place, there is only one piece. The search and experiment is the way children learn to reason, why this piece, and thereby learn how to solve their problems.

Family Holding Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces While Playing Game Together ...

2. Improve the language ability

Puzzles help children improve their language skills comprehensively. When playing with parents, the child will ask about a piece of the puzzle, which is when the child learns to describe the piece to parents or asks parents to find it when they play. For example, I was looking for a blue piece, a circle, with details like this …, did you see anywhere …

3. Promote the ability to learn math 

Puzzle also teaches children some basic math concepts. In the process of playing, children learn to classify and arrange the pieces. For example, the child will recognize all the red pieces for a place, the edges and the corner for one place, etc.

4. Perfect hand and eye coordination

This is an important ability for children, to control the process of seeing a certain piece of the graft, thinking about it and putting it in the head and hands immediately. For this process to happen quickly and accurately requires children to practice. This improvement will encourage the independent process of thinking and acting in children.

5. The ingenuity of the hands

Puzzles are a way for children to practice their hands. When playing, the muscles of the fingers will be trained to hold and fold the pieces. This is a good preparation process for holding a pen when a child goes to school.

6. Teaching children life skills

When playing puzzle with parents, siblings or friends, children will learn how to play and work in groups, learn how to communicate and exchange. The process of play is also a time when children learn to organize, solve problems, and help their peers put together. ABC 123 Puzzle Game: Appstore for Android

7. Establish perseverance 

When children build and finish until they are finished, they are learning how to persistently solve their problems. Children will feel proud and happy when they complete a picture, and thus also help them develop independence and confidence in themselves.

8. Ability to abstract thinking

Children will learn the ability to think except statues, the ability to reason, and thinking exclusion when finding many different pieces of the puzzle . For example, when looking for a piece for a certain position of the puzzle, children will learn how to reason out the shape and color of the pieces needed.

9. Stimulate imagination and creativity

The color and shape of the graft will stimulate brain cells to grow. Children learn to visualize, imagine in the beginning the color and shape of the pieces to look based on the color of the surrounding pieces.

The best Puzzle game genre for Android

Here are the genre Puzzle game not to be missed for Android users. Brain challenges are also the ability to speculate to overcome the screen hack brain.

Brain It On Puzzle game


Dozens of challenging screen games you have to use thinking, creativity and a little physics to draw the path through the ball to the goal to pass the screen. This free puzzle game is an intellectual game for those who love this genre. Looking at the appearance of the game Brain It On looks very easy but when you play then you will have a headache about the screen play, the challenge you overcome is very difficult if you do not think a little and plan your way to the The ball can reach the required location to pass screen to another level.

Hitman Go


Hitman GO is a chess board turn-based strategy game combined with the attractive puzzle element of the application firm Square Enix, where players will transform into a professional spy, looking for ways to break into position. destination without being detected.

Lara Croft Go


In terms of gameplay, Lara Croft GO is similar to other puzzle games by taking players to challenges from easy to difficult. The game starts with simple obstacles, the following levels will be harder and require you to use all the skills that the character can do. Our main goal is still to bring Lara to the designated location before the environment, the enemy. Instead of using guns to shoot them down from a distance, you will have to brainstorm on the environment, the screen to overcome them.

Deus Ex Go


Deus Ex GO is a turn-based tactical rookie mixed with thrilling and engaging puzzle elements combining the hit game lines Hitman and Tom Raider from the hit app maker Square Enix, England. Quickly download the game to your computer to experience and discover interesting storylines in the game.