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Top best puzzle game on phone and PC for you (Part 1)

For those who love puzzle games, you probably still remember the feeling when solving a difficult puzzle requires thinking for many days to find the answer, if you want to continue to experience the feeling of addictive.

Let’s conquer the games on this list with us!

If you are a fan of mind games, puzzle games with brain hacking gameplay, you will not be able to miss our following games. Please follow the following article offline.

1. Brain Out

Topping the list of best puzzle games on mobile that Taimienphi wants to introduce to you this time is Brain Out. Contrary to the thinking logic like a regular puzzle game, Brain Out ‘s puzzles are  sometimes extremely confusing and like a tough joke. Only when you get over the normal way of thinking can you win the game.

Tổng hợp đáp án Brain Out màn 101 đến 150 (Có video hướng dẫn)

2. Brain Test

Similar to Brain Out, Brain Test players cannot use the usual way of thinking to get through the levels, instead you are forced to find a suitable alternative. And sometimes you will be surprised and laugh when you find the answer is hidden very carefully by the clever, witty brains of the publisher. Simple game interface, bright colors, so suitable for both adults and children.

3. Stump Me

Are you really smart enough to beat your friends in this addictive brain puzzle game  Stump Me ? Or are you smart enough to overcome the challenges, not be fooled by the publisher’s trick puzzles. Both of these 2 questions will be answered quickly when you participate in extremely headache but no less humorous puzzles from Stump Me.

Stump Me Game Level 1-90 - YouTube

4. Hello Stars

Possessing extremely simple “wire man” graphics,  Hello Stars is a puzzle game that at first glance is easy to play, but difficult to win. There are no diverse puzzles like other games, at each level Hello Stars players will use their brushstrokes to make the water balloon fly in the right place. Revealing, the secret to winning the game is to apply well knowledge of gravity that you have learned.