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TOP best intellectual game on phone

If you are feeling bored when playing games with tension, suspense like action games, shooters, etc. you can try playing thinking games like brain games.

Brain games is a game genre where we can train our intelligence as well as our thinking ability. Today we will introduce some extremely attractive intellectual games on the phone, invite you to join us.

1. Skillz

It can be said that Skillz is an extremely attractive intellectual game with a variety of games with different gameplay. When participating in these games, we will easily improve our memory as well as develop logical thinking skills.

The game’s interface is simply designed, so that all ages can play this game.

Some outstanding features of the game:

  • There are questions with many different levels from easy to difficult.
  • Can replay the screen I just lost.
  • Multiplayer mode allows me to challenge my friends to see who is smarter.

2. Cut the Rope

It can be said that Cut the Rope is a familiar game. In this game, everyone will have to use their logical thinking skills to find a way to cut the rope so that the candy falls into the frog’s mouth. The candy will break if you let it touch the obstacles.

In addition, at each level you will have to make the candy hit the stars to collect them. When you get more stars, you can unlock other levels.

Outstanding features of the game:

  • There are 17 boxes corresponding to 425 levels, so we can play this game freely.
  • The gameplay is very simple, so that all ages can play.
  • Vibrant graphics, extremely funny and lovely characters.

3. Where’s My Water 2

Where’s My Water 2 is an addictive brain teaser developed by Disney producer. This is a game where players will have to use their computing power to find a way to go back to the water for the Swampy crocodile to bathe.

In the game, there will be toy ducks in different positions in each level, how can you bring water back to the crocodile to bathe and flood the ducks to collect them. When you have more ducks, you can unlock more levels.

Puzzle Craft 2 – Good game for the weekend (Part 2)

Unlike other castle-building games, in Puzzle Craft 2 you will build a whole kingdom, not just a small area.

You will develop on the whole island, and in each area of ​​the island you will again encounter different topographic features. The only thing available on this island is the woods for timber.

In terms of difficulty, the game has quite a low level of difficulty. The puzzle game throughout the game is quite easy to get used to and conquer. But it is the easy start that makes it easy to mistake “comfortable” consumption in this game.

Be careful when deciding whether to spend your game money on shopping or splurging on something, because the more you play, the less you’ll find. If you are not careful, you will end up in a vicious circle: earning money to plow the ingredients, but running out of money, you will have to sell the materials.

As mentioned, this is a game that was born for entertainment, not a blockbuster at all. The sound system and graphics in the game are only average, and maybe that is beneficial for players when they only need to care about gaming without having to pay too much attention to trivial details. .

Basically, this is not an addictive game that makes us “stick” to it all day to play. But to meet the basic entertainment needs, it certainly is enough to make you fascinated.

Rate the game:


– Gameplay is easy to get used to, the game content is also very easy to understand.

– The materials in the game are quite rich and have easy to understand relationships with each other. For example, if you want clothes, you have to find reeds, if you want wood, you have to cut trees.

– Game puzzle has a moderate difficulty, attracts players without getting bored.


– There is no online play. You can only build and if you want, you can show them through social networks.

– The authenticity in the content is not high.

– Can only make entertaining games, not impressive enough to become an addictive game.

Puzzle Light – The difficult turning on bulbs game

Puzzle Light is an interesting an amazing puzzle game. The puzzle revolves around a light bulb and you must find every possible way to pop the ball up.

Turning on a switch to make a light bulb seem to be an easy job, but it doesn’t seem like that in the intellectual game Puzzle Light. When there are too many switches, too many rules to comply with will be easy to get confused. Try your puzzle ability in Puzzle Light.

The main features of the game turn on the Puzzle Light:

– Based on signs and instructions to turn on the light bulb.

– Many of them are difficult and interesting challenges.

– Funny graphics and extremely cute protagonist.

– Play the puzzle game completely free.

– Signs to turn on the light

– Signs and rules to follow to turn on the light bulb in Puzzle Light.


You will use the mouse to play the game and turn on this Puzzle Light bulb on the desktop. The game interface is very simple, there is notable to choose the level, only one button to start playing, one setting button to enable, turn off the sound, play games, stop playing or delete.

The main character is an incandescent light bulb, with a sad face because it is in the dark, as long as you light it, it will give you a bright smile. This can make many players think of monkeys in the game Sad Monkey.

How to play extremely simple, you just need to click on the switches and turn them on the signs and rules displayed on the screen to turn on the light bulb.


But to decode the signs, the rule is really a big problem. Sometimes, because the light bulb is loose, you need to tighten it, sometimes you have to turn the switches according to a certain instruction, just follow the left and right instructions to ensure the right rule. Or you must turn on the switch in order or at a certain time. Even if one click or 1 millisecond is wrong, the shadow is still black and muddy.

The game is even more difficult when there are scenarios where there is no sign to recognize, there is no instruction, you just click on the switch and it runs all over the screen and it is impossible to light the bulb up.


The early levels are quite easy when you have to perform fewer operations, the puzzle is also easier to solve. The more the level becomes, the more difficult the puzzle is, and the puzzle becomes duller and thorny, making Puzzle Light really a brainstorming game.

This intellectual game is completely free and has an ad on the right, but is not annoying for players.

Are you confident in your ability to solve puzzles and how fast you are? Download Puzzle Light and challenge yourself in this fascinating but challenging intellectual game.

Explore the Marvel universe in the Marvel Puzzle Quest game

Meet Marvel’s superhero and biggest enemy in the Marvel Puzzle Quest puzzle game, which has an Android version for phones and tablets.

The game combines favorite Marvel characters with role-playing games, a tournament between players and players, alliances and more. This is the time to free your inner hero and wage war against your enemies.


The game features elements of Bejeweled or Candy Crash Saga, mixed with Marvel characters. Gamers start the game by choosing a group of 3 characters, heroes or villains and go to fight with the Marvel Universe. Each character has three special abilities corresponding to the gem colors on the board. For example, Thor, the most destructive power when combining red, yellow, or green gemstones. The gems you combine are also collected for special attacks, from countdown arrows and to summoning demons. After each match, depending on how much your character has lost, you need to give them a break for a while.

Marvel Puzzle Quest is free for players, but there are some upgrades and purchases that require real money to purchase. You can disable billing by disabling in-app purchases on phones.


Main function:

• Play for free

• Assemble final teams from your favorite superhero or villain characters like: Captain America, Spider-Man, Hulk, Rabbit, Loki, Punisher, Black Widow, Venom and more.

• Harness the power of Iso-8 to upgrade your team and collect comics to unlock multipliers and new skills.

• New tournaments and events are released every month for players to discover new things.

• Strategy and depth are second to none! Embark on a global scale journey and unleash your power and intelligence with Marvel characters to defeat your opponents.


• Build alliances between your friends and compete with rival alliances

• Rank top in tournaments, alliances and seasons and win new characters and other exciting prizes.

• Prevent Norman Osborn and his brutal terrorist forces. Watch the stories of forces like X-Men, SHIELD, H..A.M.M.E.R (Dark Avengers) competing for resources and influence.

The application supports English, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Korean.

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 Fortunes Slots: Las Vegas Casino Game

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Puzzle Fighter – A great sports puzzle game of Capcom

Puzzle Fighter is a mobile game that brings together most familiar characters that have long appeared in the Capcom empire.

It can be said, Puzzle Fighter is a revamped version from the 21-year-old game of Capcom with the name Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, inheriting the most unique elements of the elder before. Puzzle Fighter is a rather interesting combination between the puzzle gameplay of the legendary Tetris and the typical countervailing element in the Fighting game series.


Although possessing a puzzle game like Tetris, the mechanism of action in Puzzle Fighter is quite different. In each match, the player will have to move and arrange the blocks of the same color together, then take advantage of the colored cubes of the corresponding color to detonate these blocks. The amount of damage will be higher when the number of blocks exploded in one at a time, at the same time will create obstacles on the opponent’s side, slowing their counterattack ability.

In Puzzle Fighter, players can flexibly change skills for their characters, collect pieces through loot obtained after winning a battle, and use them to recruit more characters, or learn new skills. In addition, Puzzle Fighters also gives players an extremely rich and familiar character system, which you can easily see in most of the games Capcom has ever released, such as Ryu, Chun- Li from Street Fighters, Rockman X from Megaman, or even Dante from Devil May Cry.


In terms of graphics, Puzzle Fighter is designed with a funny chibi-style character image, the details on the body are simple, leaving only the characteristics of each character. Sound is designed quite detailed, you will be able to easily hear the familiar sound when using that skill.

This game has 2 main game modes: Online Match and Missions. Online Match allows players to compete 1v1 against each other in a real-time PvP match, after winning certain matches, you will be able to unlock new character cells. Or you can choose the Missions mode to fight the machine, completing these missions will also bring you extremely valuable rewards.


Currently the game has been released for free on a global scale.

Puzzle Box Demo – The puzzle game has many mini-games for computers

When playing adventure games or for Puzzle Box computers, players can improve their thinking and eye-hand coordination when overcoming difficult challenges. Puzzle Box includes many attractive mini-games.

Overcome interesting challenges and improve your reflexes

Puzzle Box is a puzzle adventure game that includes a series of small and interesting games that help players test their quick reflexes and thoughts. Naturally, players will have great leisure moments while watching the unique graphics and listening to the fun sounds. Because the puzzle game is good for the Puzzle Box computer, there is no story or something similar, so the player will find the motivation that makes him want to continue playing. However, this is not a problem because Puzzle Box has addictive gameplay, sometimes making you forget about time.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Puzzle Box Demo

Each mini-game in the PC Puzzle Box puzzle game has its own game rules so that players do not get bored, stimulating the sense of curiosity to explore. Among them, there are cards that require you to drop the blocks in the right position on the moving background and pay attention to the different colors. In another game designed in the style of the game for the computer scene, the player will have to calculate the time of the jump so as to accurately avoid the obstacles. Things get even more difficult when the player’s character runs continuously, never stopping.

Colorful graphics and funny music

Surely by this point, you have realized that the main goal of every single game in the game is to test your hand-eye coordination and reflex skills in a variety of ways. At first, things seem simple but soon the player will have to sweat, even feel frustrated when they have not achieved what they want. The challenge in Puzzle Box puzzle adventure game will motivate players to come back to explore further.

In order for players not to feel inhibited to the point of destroying furniture or boredom, Puzzle Box’s developer has designed this game in a beautiful, colorful graphics style, composing great music with melody playful and light beat. In addition, a few small games in Puzzle Box also allow you to create artistic drawings based on pixel graphics style. This is a great way to reduce stress, train creativity, turn ideas into reality.


After looking at every aspect, it can be seen that although the Puzzle Box development idea is not unique or too creative, this game is very suitable for playing in boring times. Playing Puzzle Box adventure game is also a great way to train skills to become sharp. You can install Steam and download Puzzle Box Demo to play it now.

New Star Soccer – The new soccer star game on mobile

New Star Soccer is the new football game – one of the best football games on smartphones and tablets.

Play the New Star Soccer game for free on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to immerse yourself in exciting football matches that take place around the globe, compared to the fighting between players in a series of quests to recruit new players , arranging tactical formations, adjusting the strategy of playing on the field, replacing people, upgrading stadiums … all create a professional football environment to attract millions of spectators to the pitch in the language incessantly!


In New Star Soccer, you will play the role of a 16-year-old football player who will enter a professional career. Your task is to build competitive skills, sharpen the lifestyle of a star and experience player life in an exciting and exciting soccer world without lack of traps and challenges!

Not only is a regular football game, New Star Soccer is also the perfect combination of fast game style, football management game, Sim and attractive role-playing game. So, besides showing your dribbling or kicking skills on the field, you also have to build relationships with your teammates in the club, with coaches and sponsors – to make them happy and Trust in your talents as well as your efforts through each game.


The career of a professional football player is not only a practice or competitive match on the pitch but also richer thanks to the side activities. You can use the money earned in the lucky spin at the casino, stay away from the negative in the shadow world, even retire to rebuild a new lawn career!

Main features of New Star Soccer game

– Play free games with exciting and fun entertainment hours on mobile devices.

– The game is especially addictive thanks to the realistic simulation mechanism of modern football world.

– Create alternative characters and participate in tournaments to bring glory to the team.

– Experience the ups and downs of player life, make important decisions and build a star’s reputation.

– Hire assistants, coaches, accumulate new skills and develop talents.

– Entertainment at the casino, owning horse racing … to enjoy the life of a grassstar superstar.


New Star Soccer vividly recreates the football world through the life of a professional player without any restrictions. The game possesses an intuitive control mechanism, detailed description of the football game, entertaining nature with many interesting mini games and other unexpected elements!