Top best IQ game today

If you are a fan of the brain hacking puzzle game genre, you can definitely not ignore the following games, the list of the top best IQ games today is sure to make your brain twisted.

IQ games have always been one of the genres that a lot of people love today because they have a fairly simple way of playing, which can be played in either Online or Offline mode. Hopefully the list of top best IQ games today will satisfy your thirst.

1. Brain Out

Topping the list of Top Best IQ games today is Brain Out, a puzzle game that challenges the intelligence of powerful players. Brain Out requires you to use all your brain, judgment, logical thinking and creativity to overcome the toughest questions. Sometimes Brain Out questions are very simple but it takes you hours to answer them, causing extreme inhibition.

2. Brain Test

Speaking of Brain Out, it is impossible not to mention Brain Test puzzle game, an addictive brain training game on your phone or tablet. Brain Test puzzles have many different forms such as crossword, word search game, find items, fill in sudoku numbers, enter numbers are not only intellectual but extremely funny.

3. Rescue Cut

An indispensable game in the list of the top best IQ games today, Rescue Cut has a gameplay easier to understand than the two games above. In Rescue Cut you just need to find a way to cut the ropes so that the main character is suspended from the danger of the supervisor, traps with increasing difficulty each level.

4. Hello Stars

Joining Hello Stars, players just have to touch the screen and add any lines or shapes to bring the ball to the designated position, the position where the ball appears after each screen will be changed.

Certainly, with the list of the Top best IQ games currently listed by us above, it will take you many days to clear a game. What are you waiting for, quickly download now to prove your IQ go.