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Top 5 mobile games make you crazy decoding puzzles (Part 2)

100 Doors

The goal when playing 100 Doors is to open the door to go to the next floor. However, in order to open the elevator doors, you need to solve the correct puzzles. Some are quite simple, like picking up a key and using it, some as difficult as spotting complex patterns.

100 Doors is a harmonious combination of puzzles and is a suitable game to play to kill time while waiting or moments of short breaks.

100 Doors does not have eye-catching graphics, but in fact it is not necessary. The sound effects in the game are quite good, but one thing that inhibits the player is sometimes not getting control from touching the screen. In addition, it’s a free game in the iTunes Store, but the game will display ads at the bottom of the screen.

Doors & Rooms

This is another escape game, and if you like 100 Doors or The Room Two introduced earlier then you will quickly fall in love with this game. Doors & Rooms inherit a system of questions from previous games with challenging levels not inferior to.

Doors & Rooms emphasize logic. Although the in-game answers and answers do not have simple, direct or even reasonable elements, the game is still appreciated when it brings educational challenges. Hints and tutorials are available, but you will get more fun if you solve the puzzles yourself without any help.

However, overall the quality of the puzzles is a bit messy. Plus, Doors & Rooms is a free game powered by a coin-to-unlock system. There are three stages of suggestion per stage: first you will be given a very vague pointer, then something a little more specific, while the third stage shows the answer in black and white if you have become really difficult.

Cubic Room 3

The last puzzle game that we want to introduce to you is Cubic Room 3. With a pretty eye-catching graphics platform, players will have to try hard not to be engrossed in sightseeing but forget to think to have. can get out of the room.

Cubic Room 3 is not too complicated but quite brain-damaging; it offers decent graphics, is easy to control, and is quite a lot of fun. You never stop being impressed by the questions this game brings – the questions are judged to be quite ingenious and there are many ways to think.