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PUZZLE STAR BT21 – An interesting intellectual puzzle game for BTS fans

PUZZLE STAR BT21 is a match – 3 brain game for mobile with beautiful graphic design and very lovely, PUZZLE STAR BT21 is the product of famous game publisher LINE, moreover with the contribution of BTS group with funny characters.

Let’s find out more information about this game!

PUZZLE STAR BT21 is loved by many gamers, especially BTS fans because the characters in the game are designed by the members of the group. Add to that the fun gameplay style and a unique storyline as the characters embark on their quest for legendary songs that can help them become these cosmic superstars at will.

PUZZLE STAR BT21 gives players hundreds of levels with many different challenges. In which your task is to draw boxes in the given shape into the empty boxes in the game board to remove the iron blocks and collect the necessary blocks. And yet, the game also provides a huge collection of fashion items for the BT21 character cast for players to collect and customize superstars.

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The fashion style that follows the trend of BT21 members only appears in PUZZLE STAR BT21. Players participating in the game will enjoy the new style of this cast of characters. You can even share news about BT21 on facebook and make friends with other players. Friends can give hearts to each other to continue the game.

Puzzle Heart is also a puzzle game but designed with pictures of eye-catching flowers, leaves, and fruits, Puzzle Heart also includes thousands of attractive levels, many tasks to complete, building new public structures as well as meeting lovely characters.