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TOP best intellectual game on phone

If you are feeling bored when playing games with tension, suspense like action games, shooters, etc. you can try playing thinking games like brain games.

Brain games is a game genre where we can train our intelligence as well as our thinking ability. Today we will introduce some extremely attractive intellectual games on the phone, invite you to join us.

1. Skillz

It can be said that Skillz is an extremely attractive intellectual game with a variety of games with different gameplay. When participating in these games, we will easily improve our memory as well as develop logical thinking skills.

The game’s interface is simply designed, so that all ages can play this game.

Some outstanding features of the game:

  • There are questions with many different levels from easy to difficult.
  • Can replay the screen I just lost.
  • Multiplayer mode allows me to challenge my friends to see who is smarter.

2. Cut the Rope

It can be said that Cut the Rope is a familiar game. In this game, everyone will have to use their logical thinking skills to find a way to cut the rope so that the candy falls into the frog’s mouth. The candy will break if you let it touch the obstacles.

In addition, at each level you will have to make the candy hit the stars to collect them. When you get more stars, you can unlock other levels.

Outstanding features of the game:

  • There are 17 boxes corresponding to 425 levels, so we can play this game freely.
  • The gameplay is very simple, so that all ages can play.
  • Vibrant graphics, extremely funny and lovely characters.

3. Where’s My Water 2

Where’s My Water 2 is an addictive brain teaser developed by Disney producer. This is a game where players will have to use their computing power to find a way to go back to the water for the Swampy crocodile to bathe.

In the game, there will be toy ducks in different positions in each level, how can you bring water back to the crocodile to bathe and flood the ducks to collect them. When you have more ducks, you can unlock more levels.