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Puzzle Craft 2 – Good game for the weekend (Part 2)

Unlike other castle-building games, in Puzzle Craft 2 you will build a whole kingdom, not just a small area.

You will develop on the whole island, and in each area of ​​the island you will again encounter different topographic features. The only thing available on this island is the woods for timber.

In terms of difficulty, the game has quite a low level of difficulty. The puzzle game throughout the game is quite easy to get used to and conquer. But it is the easy start that makes it easy to mistake “comfortable” consumption in this game.

Be careful when deciding whether to spend your game money on shopping or splurging on something, because the more you play, the less you’ll find. If you are not careful, you will end up in a vicious circle: earning money to plow the ingredients, but running out of money, you will have to sell the materials.

As mentioned, this is a game that was born for entertainment, not a blockbuster at all. The sound system and graphics in the game are only average, and maybe that is beneficial for players when they only need to care about gaming without having to pay too much attention to trivial details. .

Basically, this is not an addictive game that makes us “stick” to it all day to play. But to meet the basic entertainment needs, it certainly is enough to make you fascinated.

Rate the game:


– Gameplay is easy to get used to, the game content is also very easy to understand.

– The materials in the game are quite rich and have easy to understand relationships with each other. For example, if you want clothes, you have to find reeds, if you want wood, you have to cut trees.

– Game puzzle has a moderate difficulty, attracts players without getting bored.


– There is no online play. You can only build and if you want, you can show them through social networks.

– The authenticity in the content is not high.

– Can only make entertaining games, not impressive enough to become an addictive game.

Puzzle Craft 2 – Good game for the weekend (Part 1)

You are in need of an interesting game for the weekends? Puzzle Craft 2 is probably the answer you are looking for.

On weekends, people often try to spend the maximum time to hang out with relatives and friends. But for many reasons, there are still people who have no plans other than staying home looking for something interesting on the Internet, on the phone.

It would be great if you are planning to leave the house this weekend, but if not, don’t be sad because I will introduce to you an interesting game for you to entertain in these 2 days. It is called Puzzle Craft 2.

Basically, this is a game classified as a combination of light entertainment and online construction. In the game, you will play the role of a warlord shipwrecked and drifted to a deserted island. With your talent and leadership instincts, you will have to rebuild a new kingdom from scratch.

Throughout the game, you will have to search for materials, build houses, grow the population of your kingdom,… All materials are available through gentle puzzle mode when you just need to find things with the same shape are okay.

When you have enough materials, you will be able to hire workers, build houses. You may ask the question: if you are a deserted island, where can you find people to rent? It’s a bit silly, but to have an interesting entertainment game we can temporarily ignore it.

The materials in the game are also quite diverse for players to search for. From rudimentary reeds, trees, even wheat, animals can be found. From these raw materials, you will be able to create fibers, construction wood, bread.

Those are the products you need to build your kingdom. The game is also quite logical in using materials to build, for example, to hire workers, you need yarn to make clothes for them and bread for them to eat, and if you want to build a house, of course, you need to have wood and other things.