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New Star Soccer – The new soccer star game on mobile

New Star Soccer is the new football game – one of the best football games on smartphones and tablets.

Play the New Star Soccer game for free on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to immerse yourself in exciting football matches that take place around the globe, compared to the fighting between players in a series of quests to recruit new players , arranging tactical formations, adjusting the strategy of playing on the field, replacing people, upgrading stadiums … all create a professional football environment to attract millions of spectators to the pitch in the language incessantly!


In New Star Soccer, you will play the role of a 16-year-old football player who will enter a professional career. Your task is to build competitive skills, sharpen the lifestyle of a star and experience player life in an exciting and exciting soccer world without lack of traps and challenges!

Not only is a regular football game, New Star Soccer is also the perfect combination of fast game style, football management game, Sim and attractive role-playing game. So, besides showing your dribbling or kicking skills on the field, you also have to build relationships with your teammates in the club, with coaches and sponsors – to make them happy and Trust in your talents as well as your efforts through each game.


The career of a professional football player is not only a practice or competitive match on the pitch but also richer thanks to the side activities. You can use the money earned in the lucky spin at the casino, stay away from the negative in the shadow world, even retire to rebuild a new lawn career!

Main features of New Star Soccer game

– Play free games with exciting and fun entertainment hours on mobile devices.

– The game is especially addictive thanks to the realistic simulation mechanism of modern football world.

– Create alternative characters and participate in tournaments to bring glory to the team.

– Experience the ups and downs of player life, make important decisions and build a star’s reputation.

– Hire assistants, coaches, accumulate new skills and develop talents.

– Entertainment at the casino, owning horse racing … to enjoy the life of a grassstar superstar.


New Star Soccer vividly recreates the football world through the life of a professional player without any restrictions. The game possesses an intuitive control mechanism, detailed description of the football game, entertaining nature with many interesting mini games and other unexpected elements!