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Puzzle Craft 2 – The Great Choice For The Weekend

At the weekend, people often try to spend maximum time to go play with relatives, friends. But for a variety of reasons, still people don’t plan anything else besides at home looking for something interesting on the Internet, on the phone.

Would be great if you are planning to leave the house at the end of this week, but if not, don’t be sad because we will introduce to you a fun game for your entertainment in 2 days. It is called Puzzle Craft 2.

Basically, this is placed in the form of a combination of soothing entertainment game and online building genre. In the game, you will be on the role of a warlord shipwrecked and drift on a deserted island. With your talent and your leadership instinct, you will have to rebuild a new Kingdom from numbers 0 plump.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Puzzle Craft 2

Throughout the game, you will have to search for raw materials, build a house, the growing population of his Kingdom, … All raw materials are obtained through soothing puzzle game mode when you only need to find the objects have the same shape.

When there is enough material then you will can employers, construction of new housing. You may ask the question: was the wild islands, then where did you get the person hiring? Indeed, this has the somewhat silly, but to have an exciting recreation game then we can temporarily ignore that.

The material in the game is also quite rich to players seek. From the reeds, trees for all wheat, animals also have searchable. From the raw material of this profile, you will be able to create the kind of yarn, wood construction, bread…

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That is exactly the product you need to build his Kingdom. The game is also quite the logic in the use of raw materials to build, for example to employers then you need clothes for their fibre and bread to eat, and if you want to build a house, then of course you need to have the wood and other things.

Unlike the games built into the other, in Puzzle Craft 2 you will build both a Kingdom rather than just a small area. You will develop on the whole island, and in each area of the island, you will encounter different terrain features. There is only one available on the island, which is the forest to fetch wood.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Puzzle Craft 2

If in terms of difficulty, the game has a fairly low level of difficulty. Puzzle game throughout both games proved pretty easy to get acquainted and conquer. But the easy start makes us easy to mistaken ideas about the “consumer” comfortable in this game.

Be careful when deciding to use the money to game stores or extravagant for something, the more you will see is the play by them is relatively difficult to find. If not careful, you will fall into the vicious circle: make money to plough the material, but most of the money is to take the material off the sale.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

As said, this is their game was born to entertain rather than merely a blockbuster pits. The sound system and the graphics in the game are just average, and perhaps that is beneficial to the player when they are just interested in playing the game without too much attention to the little details.

Basically, this is not an addictive game which made us have to “attach” took it all day to play. But to meet the needs of basic entertainment then surely it’s enough to make you fascinated.












5 Puzzle Games Are Best Of The Best For Windows Phone

The following article will select and synthesize 5 best puzzle games on Windows Phone. Let’s follow us and quickly download as well as experience these amazing applications.

1. Flip Some Tiles Free


Flip Some Tiles Free is the puzzle game which supports both WP7 and WP8. The rule is also very simple, the player has the task of finding the fastest way from point of origin to the destination when the squares constantly change color from white to yellow.

2. The Treasures of Montezuma


This is a classic in game with similar gameplay to the famous Bejeweled. But The Treasures of Montezuma makes the difference thanks to owning play script is very attractive and through each round you will be awarded a score to the upgrade tools, skill games such as bombs, mines … In addition, the player also receives the support of the 7 gods if they are not enough points to pass the next round.

3. Contre Jour


Contre Jour is a very popular game with the title Game of the Year in 2011. In the game, as players are reincarnations on talented Petit character with a series of tasks to perform, such as wiring, pull the pulley… to arrange objects and perform the action required to qualify to play.

The game possesses the extreme physical graphical interface with sharp picture quality, sound, content-rich as well as the highly diversified. Contre Jour has about 100 stages to the user experience.

4. Logo Quiz Ninja


In the game Logo Quiz Ninja, players will actively support to the Ninja Dai won a black belt through the correct answer logo of hundreds of famous brands in the world. This is the famous game which has attracted about 5 million players all over the world.

5. 7 Little Words


7 Little Words is a crossword puzzle game rather attractive. In this game, each puzzle will have 7 hints to the player search 7 from and 20 letters. The list of game 7 Little Words there are 45 categories of puzzles, which will have 4 free questions every day.

















Some Most Interesting Puzzle Game For Android

Brain It On

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Brain It On

Dozens of challenging gameplay you must use the brownie thinking, creative and a little bit of physics knowledge to draw up the route for through ball to the finish line to cross. Brain It On is a game in the genre of wisdom for those who love the genre. Look at the outward, Brain It On looks very easy but when you play and you’ll have a headache about gameplay, challenges you have to overcome are very difficult if you don’t think a little and before of the way for balls can go to the required destination to pass to the next level.

Lara Croft Go

Hình ảnh có liên quan

About the gameplay, Lara Croft GO just with the other puzzle game by bringing players to challenges from the level of easy to difficult. The game started with the simple obstacles, the following stages will be difficult and requires you to use all the skills that the character can do. Our main goal is still bringing the girl Lara to be the location indicated by the obstruction from the environment, enemies. Instead of using the gun to shoot down on them from a distance, you will have to brainstorm based on environment, stages to overcome them.

Deus Ex Go

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Deus Ex Go

Deus Ex GO is rookie turn-based strategy and puzzle elements to the thrilling and fascinating combination of two game series Hitman and Tom Raider comes from Square Enix, United Kingdom. Quickly download the game to experience and explore the interesting storyline in the game.

The Room series

Kết quả hình ảnh cho The Room series

This game title brings a finding clues style, the player will click on objects on the screen to search for clues to be able to pass. This game consists of 3 parts, with each part containing the content is quite long and complex enough for players to be curious and try to resolve the questions that are posed.

Two Dots

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Two Dots

The content of the game is incredibly simple, like the name of it. The player will have to connect the dots of the same color together as much as possible in just one turn. The dots are connected with each other with minimum of 2 dots vertically or horizontally. It sounds very easy but Two Dots can be addictive to any gamer would preferred the match of wits category.

3 Amazing Applications For People Loving Puzzle Games

Nowadays, with the development of technology, the demand of entertainment is increasing day by day. That leads to the appearance of the puzzle game which serving to that demand.

There are several applications as well as puzzle games for people to choose. But who spends or has the time to try all of them? We have a good announcement for those of us who love puzzles games. To help you reduce down your choices, beside Dragon Academy – an amazing puzzle game for you to play, we have gathered three favorite puzzle game applications for you to consider and download for using.

Monument Valley

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Monument Valley puzzle game

Monument Valley is really a great puzzle game which earns some major style points. This is not your typical puzzle game because it actually tells the story of a lost princess. You will have to solve the puzzles and explore the new words to help the princess return home. That is really amazing way for you to enrich your knowledge. This puzzle game only looks great but also ignites your sense of discovery. If you are the fan of this types of puzzle game, so Monument Valley is the best choice for you.


Kết quả hình ảnh cho Prune puzzle game

If you love to garden or feeling relax while playing puzzle games, Prune is the perfect choice for you. In this puzzle game, you will help people can find sunlight and flowers can grow by trimming tree branches. The important thing is if you trim the wrong branches, your tree will fall into darkness and wilt away. With the beautiful artwork and a relaxing soundtrack, Prune is an amazing puzzle game for you to play when you want to have a good place to take a break and relax.


Kết quả hình ảnh cho Rules app puzzle game

Rules is available for iOS devices now. This puzzle game sounds a little bit like the meaning which the name implies. It all requires players must to follow the rules. Your goal is to clear a set of tiles by adhering to the rules correctly. For example, you might need to remove tiles with animals at first. The clock is ticking while you attempt really hard each tricky level, and the only way to succeed is to make sure that you don’t break the rules. If you like playing visually interesting puzzle games that test your memory, we are sure that you will love Rules!

In conclusion, if you want to exercise your brain or relax after a long day of working and studying, puzzle games are a perfect option for you. Anyone who is fan of these games will definitely get a kick out of these three interesting applications.

What Makes a Puzzle App so Popular?

As anyone who views the app store of their mobile device can tell, puzzle games have been growing in popularity. These games are known for having interesting layouts, plots, goals, and so many more additions which have gained them a loyal fanbase of players. Although, one of the most simplistic reasons of puzzle gaming success is linked to the underlying idea that puzzles are the best way to beat boredom.

All that is needed is a mobile dive, a puzzle app, and some time to spare before you are magically sunken into a place where you’re hyper-focus on solving some type of puzzle. Though the ease of creating a puzzle game has caused an influx to flood the app store and players can be confused about which aspects make a good puzzle game. While one of the best ways to know is to try the game out for yourself, a few of these tips could help you narrow down the search.

Is the Game Extensive

When the word extensive is used, it is more so to reference how many levels does the game have, is it still being constantly updated, are the puzzles modern, interesting, and challenging, and could you see yourself playing it for hours. While these questions are hard to solve until you test the app yourself, looking at reviews can help with the process. Plus, while the main goal of puzzle solving is to challenge yourself with new puzzles that require trial and error as well as skills, you never want to go for a puzzle app that will eventually have you sitting there for hours confused and frustrated. The main thing is to be having fun.

Is the App Well-Made

While this may be given at points, the design and layout of the apps can heavily influent if you enjoy it or not. Since apps can be easily created and added to app stores, there’s always the chance of downloading a less than satisfactory puzzle app and just becoming frustrated. It doesn’t help that some social media platforms will sell a false image of a puzzle game that looks and plays nothing like the advertainment. It always helps to look at any screenshots from the app’s direct page as well as many times it has been downloaded. Most of the popular puzzle apps have a higher star rating, downloaded number, as well as countless screenshots showing off why the game is so popular.

Is it a Social Puzzle Game

Not all puzzle apps have a social feature, although some of the most popular ones do – which increases the popularity of it. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy having a friendly competition and surpassing a friend’s level on the app while playing. Take Panda Pop for example. This puzzle app has a simple gameplay of matching colours to recuse baby panda. While the gameplay itself is extremely attention-grabbing some of the true entertainment is the option to connect it to Facebook and see which levels your friends are on, have passed, or are even stuck on.

Dragon Academy Interesting, Challenging and Good for You

Puzzle-based or inspired games are amongst the most popular on iOS and Android mobile devices and for good reason, since puzzles have been around for centuries and offer great benefits to players. Putting together pieces or matching pieces have been an enjoyed entertainment since the early 1700s. At first, it was hand-cut pieces of wood developed as toys that benefitted the health and well-being of those who could not get enough of the games. Games such as Dragon Academy, inspired by puzzles, requires participants need to form an identical symbol or object combination are often recommended by psychiatrists.

Team Chaos Embraces Match-Three Puzzle Games

It is for all the reasons above that Team Chaos, a game developer based in Austin releases its own version of match-three or more puzzles, and Dragon Academy is one of the most enjoyed games on Facebook, Android and iOS. Players get to take charge of six dragons, each powerful with several superhero strengths, as they complete puzzles consisting of three or more objects and the game is inspired by levels just like other games such as Candy Crush and Bejeweled.

Each level or stage have different requirements such as a number of points that need to be reached in only a limited number of moves. Power objects appear when matches contain four or more identical objects, and power-up dragon eggs become part of a play, allowing participants to clear entire columns or rows. To keep players captivated, Team Chaos introduces several characters such as the mischievous Wobblins out to steal the hatchlings of the dragons.

According to Polack, the love of gaming was the main reason of the team to create Dragon Academy and games such as Hexic, Puzzle & Dragons as well as Bejeweled and even Angry Birds are what fascinates mobile players. When asked what inspired the storyline and design behind Dragon Academy, Polack says the first was to create a game that would motivate players to come back, which requires a good puzzle with a variety of gaming mechanics. It needs to remain interesting and challenging so that player can look forward to more levels and, achieving current levels.

This was the main reason for introducing vines, which gobble up any tile they spread towards, vines also spread and provide all levels with an exciting new feel. Players get more say as a basic level with enough vines leaves them with the decision to remove the goo or first fulfil their goal. What keeps play at a super exciting level is the reward vs risk factor part of every move. Just when players believe they have the game under control another few surprises, thrown into the mix to add the excitement part of interesting challenges to start anew.

What is the Best Way to Explore the School of Dragons Universe

School of Dragons is an expansive game. From the array of features, abilities, and ways you can train your dragon, it’s nearly impossible to run out of fun ways to enjoy the game. Although, newer players may not know about all of the destinations that you can travel to after you gain more experience with your dragon. While there are always exciting things to do on the school grounds, you and your dragon will be able to travel to one of the five locations in the game, which are all filled with their own twists and tricks.

You may be thinking that exploring five separate places may be a challenge but there are no worries. You can take your time exploring each new location! Moreover, some of the in-game quests will require you to travel to these locations anyway so you’ll get your fill of exploring no matter if you are doing on our own free will or to collect a cool award from completing one of the many quests.

Before you start to travel across the dragon universe, you might want to take a look at a brief introduction of each location and what to expect when you visit.

The Cove

The cove is located on the Isle of Berk. This paradise is a sunken area filled with stunning greenery, a large, lively tree, and a pond full of fish that you can catch and feed to your dragon. Due to the cove is one of those areas that less visited, Hiccup, one of the legendary Vikings, has personally used it as his training ground when he and Toothless were getting used to one another.

The Viking Village

The Viking village is home to the Vikings, who have lived there peacefully for several generations. While this homey area has a rich history filled with the Vikings trying to battle against all of the odds – it is filled with an interesting array of locations. One is the Great Hall, a building that has the space to house every Viking in the village if needed, as well as being the location for dragon studying. Who knows, maybe you’ll see one of the friendly dragons wondering around the village.

The Isle of Berk

The Isle of Berk is the island where the Vikings have thrived for decades. The Isle of Berk is known for getting extremely cold at times as well as having the most beautiful summers as well. Although the Isle did not always have a pleasant history as the dragon have laid waste to most of the isle before the Vikings moved in

Dragon Island

Dragon Island did not always have a pleasant history as it was home to the Red Death that trapped the dragon until Hiccup and Toothless saved them in the past. This island is secretly hidden behind a thick layer of ash from a nearby volcano – making it an area that many Vikings have avoided for years before it became liberated.

Whispering Death Caves

This location is marked by being an ominous pit located near the Great Hall. While exploring these caves can lead to finding an array of hidden treasure – you should always be on your toes at it houses great dangers as well. While the whispering deaths take taken the caves as their homes, there’s always a way to avoid them and defeat them if needed.

What are the Best Puzzle Games for 2018

Puzzle games are growing in popularity as many people are enjoying the benefits of playing and solving them. Solving puzzles can lead to a feeling of personal enjoyment and satisfaction and since many more are being offered on mobile devices – they can be played anywhere you desire. The satisfaction is also the culprit for the reason why putting down these puzzle-solving apps can be so challenging at times as well.

Since 2018 has started, there has been a notable spike in the number of puzzle games offered on IOS and Android. This could be caused by a variety of releasing ranging from creators can easily put their unique puzzle games in the app stores, or even the simple fact that these puzzles differ from traditional ones that require you to be stationary to finish it (mainly jigsaw puzzles).
Here are some of the most popular puzzle apps that have been released this year. Who knows, maybe you can find one that you can become addicted too! Just note that some of these apps will cost money, but they are worth each dime.

1. Monument Valley 2

While this is the sequel to the original Monument Valley, this puzzle game is a standalone game that does not require you to play the first one to understand it. Each puzzle grows more challenging as the level increases and the small details, and cool tone touches of colours make this slot extremely relaxing to play during your free time. In this puzzle game, you are travelling through a Kingdom to finish your ongoing journey with the main heroine Jo and her helpful child that you can control when needed. This puzzle game is perfect for players who enjoy a minimalistic look and a relaxing atmosphere.

2. The Room Old Sins

This puzzle game comes from the esteemed Fireproof Games as it creates a new challenge for the player. Although, the true kicker of this puzzle game is that takes note of your device’s sensors and tailors the game to give the payer a feeling of control. In this mysterious puzzle game, you are investigating a surprise disappearance of a couple that leads you to have to survive and finds a way out of their carefully constructed home that is reminiscent of a child’s dollhouse. While incorporating some elements of tension and mystery – this game is not locking on the puzzle solving side.

3. Layton’s Mystery Journey

The Layton series has been undeniably one of the most popular puzzle series due to its unique and colourful character design and fun storylines. This puzzle game follows the adventure of the daughter of the famed detective as she begins the steps to create her own detective agency. It features an array of logic-based puzzles as the young detective is trying to discover what happened to her missing father as well as discover the secrets regarding the nobles in London. While you can play this game offline, connecting to a network will give you the ability to download new puzzles daily.

4. Vandals

This colourful and interactive puzzle apps combines an open world experience with the enjoyment of solving a puzzle that has a set end goal. In this puzzle game, the player must aid a street artist through a series of back alleys and pathways to avoid detection of the threats lurking in the streets. The puzzle aspect comes in as the player must direct manipulate the moment of the threats by using a series of items. Though, an additional factor is the hidden photos that can be collected of real modern street art.

Puzzle Games Such as Dragon Academy Makes You Smarter

Puzzle games itself have been around for centuries and the idea of putting together pieces that match dates back as far as the 1700s. It all started with hand-cut wood pieces and ten this peaceful time pass developed into toys that benefit both the basic well-being and health of those who enjoy them. Puzzle inspired games such as Dragon Academy in which players need to form combinations of identical objects, often suggested and recommended by a psychiatrist, provide patients who suffered any form of loss or other trauma remarkable assistance during their healing stage.

Dragon Academy a Mind-Flexing Activity with Magical Healing Power

The quantifiable benefits of games such as Dragon Academy according to research showed that keeping the mind active can lead to better life quality, a longer life expectancy, and it is powerful in reducing chances of developing mental illnesses such as dementia and memory loss. Dragon Academy is one of the most popular and charming free to play mobile match-three puzzle inspired games that provide hours of entertaining play. It appeals to thousands with its unique blend of Pokémon and Bejeweled style play, while the dash of inspiration via rewards is what keeps players excitingly interested in reaching new levels. It is all about matching jewels to unlock the enhanced powers of the adorable dragons, and the more powerful they are, the quicker the player advances in the game.

Dragon Academy Allows Participants to Reach A State of Creative Meditation

Puzzle based games such as Dragon Academy offers participants a unique way to achieve a mental state described as creative meditation while enjoying the relaxing fun play. By combining several sets of combinations, it imparts a sense of accomplishment. While the benefits to the human brain become clear it is the powerful effects of the subconscious that plays an important part in assisting players in piecing together symbols.

Puzzle based games are great for the human brain, which has two separate lobes or hemispheres, called the left and right brain, each with different functions. The right side of the brain deals with performing tasks and emotions, while the left side functions in a more direct fashion. Games such as Dragon Academy stimulates both sides of the brain and allow participants to exercise both at the same time. While the left side follows, sequence and thinks logically, the right side is creative, and both plays a significant part in puzzle-type gaming.

When it comes to phycological benefits, the simplicity of Dragon Academy is deceptive although the concept is straightforward. The action of placing identical pieces together requires several thought processes and a high level of mental activity surprisingly. Apart from benefits such as improving learning disabilities, enhancing self-evaluation and improving problem-solving skills, it is the fulfilment it offers that have a huge positive impact on players lives. At the end what seems as a simple activity is, in fact, a therapeutic brain exercise that is extremely absorbing, while it offers an array of hidden benefits.

Dragons Among the Most Popular Online Gaming Themes

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, the increase in anxiety in young children is just one of the indicators that no one takes the time to relax. Even at schools, the more sedentary lifestyle with less and less time devoted to playing during school days lead to sleep deprivation and lack of concentration.

While young children are pressurised to excel at school, adults are even more pressurized to keep up with their job demands, house holdings and spending time with their family. Combined this leaves little or, actually, no time for going out. The lack of relaxing leads to even more stress in this vicious circle.

Online Gaming Entertainment

Smartphone technology unlocked a world of opportunities and one of the most popular is online gaming. This offers parents and their children an escape from their daily stress, and games such as Dragon Academy is great for all ages, playable at home and offers both challenges and rewards.

Dragon Academy is a puzzle game in which participants need to match three identical symbols, its cute cartoony characters appeal to all ages and once you reach a new level the rewards are great. Dragons are magical and powerful and therefore all the most engaging games are based on malicious dragons guarding treasures. One of the most successful films was “How to Train Your Dragon”, which earned $25 million in its second week.

Dragon Themed Online Casino Entertainment

Online casino software developers keep up with the latest entertainment trends and have successfully combined the dragon theme with gaming that enables players to win big profits. Dragon themed casino slots allow adult players to relax and enjoy the best audio and visual effects. Online-Casino-Canada.ca understands that no-one has the time to research every online casino and therefore promotes operators that have passed their strict standards regarding safety, fair gaming and fast payouts.

The list of online slots inspired by dragons includes Double Dragons, Mystic Dragon, Dragon Dance and Forbidden Dragons, to list only a few. Online casino slots offered at Online-Casino-Canada.ca recommended casinos provide players with endless winning opportunities, while the games are available on both smartphones and desktops. Your daily entertainment escape could become a winning experience.

If you are a bit sceptic follow the link to Online-Casino-Canada.ca and find out how you could enjoy your first gaming experience with a free sign up bonus, welcome bonus package or deposit bonus. You will find an assortment on information that will help to enlighten you on the type of dragon themed slots that are featured online, but more importantly, you will gain an insight into the quality and creativity of the minds that create this type of online entertainment content.