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Top 10 best puzzle games you should try (Part 2)

4. Word Search Puzzle

Simple but without the challenge, your task in Word Search Puzzle is to observe and search for the meaningful words hidden in each game screen. If you find a word, select it to remove it from the list of words to search, easily by connecting the letters vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. The mission is successful when you find all 25 required words. In this word search game, you can choose between 8 levels of difficulty, have a time limit or not, and compare results with your friends, as well as players around the globe. You can also play games in different languages ​​to improve your language skills.

5. Color Puzzle Game

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Move the Block is one of those classic sliding games where you need to move blocks to make way for the red block to exit. This is an interesting game when going into the game you do not even realize how addictive the game will be and eventually you will spend more time exploring the game than the specified level. The difficulty of Move the Block increases as you level up and you can always use hints to find a way out whenever you get stuck.

7. Real Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles are one of the classic puzzle games of all time and if you love this genre, you should not ignore Jigsaw Puzzles Real. The game follows a simple process. You combine the pieces to form a complete picture. Real Jigsaw Puzzles offers a variety of puzzle topics to choose from, such as nature, animals, or using your own photos. You can challenge yourself with jigsaw puzzles from 9 pieces and up to 1300 pieces.

8. Sudoku

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Sudoku is another classic puzzle game, bringing riddles from daily newspaper to your mobile device. Sudoku focuses on arranging numbers both vertically and horizontally, with numbers 1 through 9 on the 9×9 grid. Make sure there are no duplicate numbers on the 3×3 grid, in vertical and horizontal rows. The game provides hints, undo moves or delete numbers.

9. 2048

Under the sliding puzzle game genre, 2048 requires players to slide blocks and join them to be blocked with a total of 2048, starting from 2, 4, 8, 16 and finally 2048. You can select the size custom game grid size from 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, 8×8, 3×5, 4×6, 5×8 and 6×9. You should note that the larger the size, the higher the difficulty of the game.

10. Two Dots

In Two Dots, you have to match at least 4 points of the same color to remove them from the game board. One thing to keep in mind is that you can only connect dots of the same color vertically, horizontally or form a right angle, but cannot connect them diagonally. Besides, each level provides a limited step, so you need to watch carefully before taking action to complete certain tasks.

Top 10 best puzzle games you should try (Part 1)

Puzzle game is a popular game genre because it is easy to play, requires no internet connection and can be played anytime even if you only have a few minutes of free time. 

If you are looking for puzzle games to challenge the brain, entertain or kill time, then discover the following top 10 best puzzle games.

Sometimes we are often in very boring and monotonous cases, not knowing what to do to overcome such time. And the worst thing is no network connection. Puzzle game can be your salvation at that time. A lot of brain-twisting and fun-type puzzle games are developed for almost any type of mobile phone, but finding really interesting options and worth the time to ponder is not easy. 

1. Matches Puzzle Game

Matches Puzzle Game comes with 10 different worlds. Each world consists of 100 levels that can confuse you with puzzles based on seemingly simple matches. The puzzles are of different difficulty levels, but the initial quests are still quite easy and quickly solved. All you need to do is move, add and remove matches until you find the correct answer. Each stage will give you a problem and you need to rely on it to find the right solution. If you do not complete the current level, you cannot unlock the next level.

Matches Puzzle Game magic tricks Bar Bet - YouTube

2. Cookie Jam Blast

Cookie Jam Blast is an interesting match-3 puzzle game that challenges players in combining delicious sweets to complete the mission of each level. You just need to swap places and pair a group of more than 3 similar items to eliminate them. Note that you only have a limited number of moves per level. Cookie Jam Blast also has a kitchen where players can cook delicious food for many attractive rewards. With colorful graphics, 3 attractive game modes, rich help items and lovely friends, Cookie Jam Blast will definitely give you a great time of entertainment.

3. Bubble Island 2

Ball shooting games are basically based on the same mechanism: shoot a ball at a suitable target to eliminate the surrounding balls and complete the game. There are many ways to make the ball game more challenging and interesting, such as creating different goals, adding support items or introducing new characters, but in the end, everything is completely decided. by the way you shoot the ball. Despite this, Bubble Island 2 provides a vivid and interactive environment, truly bringing the experience of shooting the ball into the puzzle world based on real physical physics.

Puzzle Craft 2 – Good game for the weekend (Part 2)

Unlike other castle-building games, in Puzzle Craft 2 you will build a whole kingdom, not just a small area.

You will develop on the whole island, and in each area of ​​the island you will again encounter different topographic features. The only thing available on this island is the woods for timber.

In terms of difficulty, the game has quite a low level of difficulty. The puzzle game throughout the game is quite easy to get used to and conquer. But it is the easy start that makes it easy to mistake “comfortable” consumption in this game.

Be careful when deciding whether to spend your game money on shopping or splurging on something, because the more you play, the less you’ll find. If you are not careful, you will end up in a vicious circle: earning money to plow the ingredients, but running out of money, you will have to sell the materials.

As mentioned, this is a game that was born for entertainment, not a blockbuster at all. The sound system and graphics in the game are only average, and maybe that is beneficial for players when they only need to care about gaming without having to pay too much attention to trivial details. .

Basically, this is not an addictive game that makes us “stick” to it all day to play. But to meet the basic entertainment needs, it certainly is enough to make you fascinated.

Rate the game:


– Gameplay is easy to get used to, the game content is also very easy to understand.

– The materials in the game are quite rich and have easy to understand relationships with each other. For example, if you want clothes, you have to find reeds, if you want wood, you have to cut trees.

– Game puzzle has a moderate difficulty, attracts players without getting bored.


– There is no online play. You can only build and if you want, you can show them through social networks.

– The authenticity in the content is not high.

– Can only make entertaining games, not impressive enough to become an addictive game.

Puzzle Craft 2 – Good game for the weekend (Part 1)

You are in need of an interesting game for the weekends? Puzzle Craft 2 is probably the answer you are looking for.

On weekends, people often try to spend the maximum time to hang out with relatives and friends. But for many reasons, there are still people who have no plans other than staying home looking for something interesting on the Internet, on the phone.

It would be great if you are planning to leave the house this weekend, but if not, don’t be sad because I will introduce to you an interesting game for you to entertain in these 2 days. It is called Puzzle Craft 2.

Basically, this is a game classified as a combination of light entertainment and online construction. In the game, you will play the role of a warlord shipwrecked and drifted to a deserted island. With your talent and leadership instincts, you will have to rebuild a new kingdom from scratch.

Throughout the game, you will have to search for materials, build houses, grow the population of your kingdom,… All materials are available through gentle puzzle mode when you just need to find things with the same shape are okay.

When you have enough materials, you will be able to hire workers, build houses. You may ask the question: if you are a deserted island, where can you find people to rent? It’s a bit silly, but to have an interesting entertainment game we can temporarily ignore it.

The materials in the game are also quite diverse for players to search for. From rudimentary reeds, trees, even wheat, animals can be found. From these raw materials, you will be able to create fibers, construction wood, bread.

Those are the products you need to build your kingdom. The game is also quite logical in using materials to build, for example, to hire workers, you need yarn to make clothes for them and bread for them to eat, and if you want to build a house, of course, you need to have wood and other things.

Puzzle Light – The difficult turning on bulbs game

Puzzle Light is an interesting an amazing puzzle game. The puzzle revolves around a light bulb and you must find every possible way to pop the ball up.

Turning on a switch to make a light bulb seem to be an easy job, but it doesn’t seem like that in the intellectual game Puzzle Light. When there are too many switches, too many rules to comply with will be easy to get confused. Try your puzzle ability in Puzzle Light.

The main features of the game turn on the Puzzle Light:

– Based on signs and instructions to turn on the light bulb.

– Many of them are difficult and interesting challenges.

– Funny graphics and extremely cute protagonist.

– Play the puzzle game completely free.

– Signs to turn on the light

– Signs and rules to follow to turn on the light bulb in Puzzle Light.


You will use the mouse to play the game and turn on this Puzzle Light bulb on the desktop. The game interface is very simple, there is notable to choose the level, only one button to start playing, one setting button to enable, turn off the sound, play games, stop playing or delete.

The main character is an incandescent light bulb, with a sad face because it is in the dark, as long as you light it, it will give you a bright smile. This can make many players think of monkeys in the game Sad Monkey.

How to play extremely simple, you just need to click on the switches and turn them on the signs and rules displayed on the screen to turn on the light bulb.


But to decode the signs, the rule is really a big problem. Sometimes, because the light bulb is loose, you need to tighten it, sometimes you have to turn the switches according to a certain instruction, just follow the left and right instructions to ensure the right rule. Or you must turn on the switch in order or at a certain time. Even if one click or 1 millisecond is wrong, the shadow is still black and muddy.

The game is even more difficult when there are scenarios where there is no sign to recognize, there is no instruction, you just click on the switch and it runs all over the screen and it is impossible to light the bulb up.


The early levels are quite easy when you have to perform fewer operations, the puzzle is also easier to solve. The more the level becomes, the more difficult the puzzle is, and the puzzle becomes duller and thorny, making Puzzle Light really a brainstorming game.

This intellectual game is completely free and has an ad on the right, but is not annoying for players.

Are you confident in your ability to solve puzzles and how fast you are? Download Puzzle Light and challenge yourself in this fascinating but challenging intellectual game.

Dream of Pixels – A strange but amazing puzzle game

Dream of Pixels is a great puzzle game and worth a try. Regardless of the mode, the gameplay is very attractive and interesting, let’s experience the childhood memories once in a completely new style.

Puzzle is a game that has been born for more than 30 years and has been with most of us since the era of handheld electronics. This is a simple game, easy to play but equally attractive, challenging and the most important reason is that it is quite familiar to the majority of players. Because of this, many versions of this game have been released with a lot of gameplay being created and adjusted. And in today’s article, we would like to introduce to you a rather strange mobile puzzle game called Dream of Pixels.


In Dream of Pixels, there are still familiar shapes, L-shaped bars, squares, long sticks,… But this time the game will not stop at the normal puzzle. The game screen has been transformed and we will experience up to 5 different game modes and very attractive new features of the game.

Instead of the traditional play style of falling blocks from above, in Dream of Pixels, the gameplay has been slightly modified. At each stage there will be a wall built and constantly built. Players will have to cut the blocks according to the pictures that appear in the upper corner of the screen. The player’s score will be calculated according to the number of rows of bricks they cut. The game will end when the wall touches the bottom of the screen.

Dream of Pixels starts quite gently and simply, the necessary bricks will appear and the player just needs to select the desired points and tap on it, it can be said that the main operation in the game is just tap, tap and tap. But gradually the speed of the game screen will increase gradually and the player will have to manipulate and react quickly to make the next cut pieces.


Usually in the early stages of the stage, we will not pay attention to the creation of cuts on the wall so that after that there are still beautiful angles to serve for later cuts, when the speed of the screen Increasing, the majority of players will become more rushed than ever, we will frantically hyphen or try to remove the discrete pieces of the bend position earlier, then when unable to catch up Given the speed, most players will have to stop.

There are also special white pieces hidden in the wall, players will receive bonus points for moving them. At first this job will be quite interesting because it helps players improve the score and quickly have the opportunity to explore other levels, but when the difficulty of the levels increases, this does not seem to be important.


The other modes of Dream of Pixels are also very attractive with quite a lot of interesting surprises. Such as Pro mode, players will start the game at level 9 and the rules will also slightly change. We will have to manipulate separate blocks on the screen or a perforated wall when they are enlarged. Besides, in Puzzle mode, the job seems to be quite light, in this mode the system will not count or record over time, so the player will be relaxed and not have to suffer any pressure.

Overall, Dream of Pixels is a great puzzle game and worth a try. Regardless of the mode, the gameplay is very attractive and interesting, let’s experience the childhood memories once in a completely new style.

Collection of 4 good puzzle games you should play

If anyone has ever played the game, it is impossible not to know the puzzle game – a game that has been associated with the childhood of so many people.

The game is simply putting the full-sized bricks together after so it makes sense that you will be the farthest away and have a chance to win. Over the years, this puzzle game is not only outdated but also growing with many similar applications.

Today’s article will introduce you to 4 puzzle games for you to refer and choose for the best matching puzzle game!

Doraemon Gadget Rush

Your task in this game is to find a way to help Doraemon smart cat regain the miraculous gadgets that were stolen by alien technology thieves. Blast aliens by forming a series of gems of the same color on the game board. The more the same stones, the stronger the destructive power will be. Unlock friends of Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka, Takeshi and Suneo to help him in battle. Let’s fight to defeat the aliens help Doraemon get back 30 devices that have been stolen!


 Jigsaw Puzzle

With Jigsaw Puzzle, players will receive a collection of beautiful photos. Once you’ve chosen the image you like, the system will help you break that image down into 100 pieces at the easiest level and step by step to achieve glory in the split into 1,024 pieces. The game has just helped players be able to train the memory, observation and patience too! Download Jigsaw Puzzle now and start enjoying the game!


Kids’ Puzzles

More than a hundred pictures with lots of colors and funny animals will help children show their talents and memory when making the most unique jigsaw puzzles. Not inferior to the game of adults ‘Kids’ Puzzles also has a puzzle mode for each matching level, from 7 to over 20 pieces without any order. Overall, Kids’ Puzzles are suitable for everyone.


LoPoly – Puzzle art game

Slightly different from the traditional puzzle game, Lowpoly requires players to combine colorful pieces together and make sure the numbers on the pieces and on the picture have to match to produce the most accurate images at the end result. Puzzle art games will help you train your memory as well as quick hands and eyes to be able to complete that sentence quickly.\


Summary of the best games for iOS

You are looking for a best iOS game to experience? So let us introduce the best names below.

Tower Defense Generals

Tower Defense Generals is a tower defense game with a fun modern war scene, colorful graphics and equally challenging gameplay. The game does not possess a complex storyline but simply places the player in a human colony on another planet, where the endless battles between the two powerful forces take over each other’s lands. Players will have to show their bravery and leadership, battlefield defense to prevent enemy footsteps and gradually dominate the world.

Wicked OZ puzzle

Participate in the Wicked OZ puzzle, you will have a trip around the country Oz. Along the way, you’ll meet Scarecrow, Dorothy and other celebrities. Let’s fight against wicked witches and other enemies with magic and logic.

Neighbors From Hell: Season 2

Surely a lot of veteran gamers can not forget the game Neighbors from Hell, which made them lose sleep and save every penny for breakfast to the entertainment net. It is the cleverness and cleverness of the naughty Woody always looking for ways to provoke the neighbor Mr. Rottweiler makes gamers laugh incessantly and extremely excited. When the neighbor is furious also means your joke is a great success.

Cut the Rope: Experiments

Cut the Rope: Experiments is a good game for iOS and up and is a famous entertainment game about the frog named Om Nom has a bad habit is very greedy. The green frog is hungry and the only thing he needs is to cut the rope so that the candy will fall into his mouth. But don’t forget to collect stars and break bubbles along the way.

The system of stars is scattered in the screenplay makes creating very challenging. With the first screenplay, the collection of all 3 stars is quite easy, the later, this job becomes more difficult and always makes players have to brainstorm to find the most reasonable solution.

Diamond Puzzle – The classic diamond puzzle game for PC

Diamond game has become so familiar to everyone, the simple way of playing with beautiful graphics will surely bring you moments of relaxation.

Diamond Puzzle is one of the classic diamond puzzle games with lots of colors and interesting features. If you are the first game players especially puzzle genre then surely can not ignore Diamond Puzzle.

The way to play is simple: you put diamonds of the same color and shape next to each other (from 3 or more). The difficulty level of the game will increase gradually and you can customize the amount of sound of the game to your liking. In addition, it also allows you to save the results when playing.


Following the success of its predecessors, Diamond Puzzle also includes interesting colorful diamonds. Your task in the game Diamond Puzzle is to simply move these colorful diamond blocks into 3 or more diamonds, lining up in a row horizontally or vertically to eat points.

In Diamond Puzzle, the difficulty increases with the level of the game so the player will not get bored because it’s so easy. You can pair 4 or more diamonds to form power stones. When using these special pellets they will explode and create more points. The more combos you create, the faster you will cross the table.

If you like survival genre, then Raft will be a game worth you to experience. Join Raft you will be floating with a wooden raft in the ocean, struggling with so many dangers lurking and trying to survive to return to the mainland with so many rewards waiting.


Especially when moving 5 to 6 diamonds in the same row in Diamond Puzzle, all the circumstances in the game table will change. Rows of layers of diamonds are eaten to make the player’s mood more excited. The sound of the diamonds colliding with each other, the light trails shot on the screen will increase the vibrancy in the game.

System requirements

  •      233MHz processor or faster
  •      32 MB RAM
  •      16-bit Sound Card and graphics.

Perhaps no gamer does not know Gunbound, a game has become popular with simple gameplay and friendly and fun interface. Especially, the new Gunbound version has been improved quite a lot in terms of graphics, features, and ways of playing, making the matches even more attractive.

The best mobile puzzle game genre today

The mobile games of the puzzle category listed below all have unique and extremely addictive gameplay.

Although not focusing on the graphics, the puzzle games in the following article still know how to attract gamers thanks to their unique and extremely addictive gameplay. These games are mostly designed for iOS.

1. Yankai’s Peak

Yankai’s Peak is a colorful Puzzle game, the player’s goal is to move the triangle blocks so that the blue blocks can reach the position required by the screen. More and more puzzles with different colors will make players brainstorm constantly.


2. The Witness

You will play a character who has just woken up in the tunnel, the first thing you do will be moving, by clicking on the screen of the destination, next you will see an electronic board and instructions: connect the first point and the last point to open the door, this is also the first puzzle and the most basic puzzle philosophy, throughout the hundreds of puzzles you will encounter during the game. After going through a few other riddles, you’ll realize you’re discovering a beautiful sunny island with lots of mysteries that need to be solved.

3. Campfire Cooking

Created by Layton Hawkes, Campfire Cooking is a very entertaining game about very natural moments, for example here when you prepare meals on a very special kitchen. The gameplay of the game is very simple and easy to get used to. There are over 100 challenges that allow you to explore cooking like never before.


4. Starman

This is a puzzle game with quite simple gameplay and monotonous graphics background with only black and white. In each game screen, you need to control your character to move and interact with objects in the game to find ways to solve the puzzles given by the screen, to restore the lights and bring the living back to that dark area.

5. Euclidean Lands

In the Euclidean Lands, players will play a warrior with special ability to move on all 6 sides of a strange Rubik box world. Like Hitman Go, your character will also move step by step but unique in that the enemy also varies with different attacks, so plan wisely and carefully before the take action if you do not want to be destroyed in the first place.