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AMAZE! – An addictive paint-coated ball puzzle game

AMAZE! The puzzle intellectual game with simple rules and addictive gameplay from Crazy Labs. All you need to do is lead the ball rolling around every corner to paint the maze.

Mobile games are one of the best ways to entertain when you have to sit and wait, during recess or boring hours. Crazy Labs will help you have a relaxing time with your latest funny game. The game is named AMAZE!

If you’ve played Roller Splat! from Voodoo, you will easily recognize the similarities of gameplay between these two titles. But basically, Roller Splat! Only a certain number of levels and many repetitive levels to encourage you to come up with a faster solution, AMAZE! provide a rich level system, let you experience the change and novelty through each game screen.

AMAZE! có concept đơn giản nhưng lôi cuốn

As a puzzle game, you will not need to squeeze your brain and spend too much time solving each level in AMAZE!. The game is not limited to levels or moves, so you can roll the ball as long as you like as long as you cover the entire path in the labyrinth with the perfect paint.

That’s right, the target of the player in AMAZE game! is to lead the ball through every path in the labyrinth to paint the surface of each brick. To do this, you simply need to swipe your finger in different directions to move the ball. The ball can pass through the painted path without causing any effect.

Tìm cách nhanh nhất để hoàn thành các level của AMAZE!

Each level challenges you with a new structure in the maze design. It sounds easy to just roll the ball over and over, but there are game levels that you can hardly find a way to paint on just one or two last bricks. In addition to the harrowing style, you also need to observe carefully to find the most suitable direction.

Looking at the colorful painted tunnel is a very satisfying experience, especially for those who love perfection. If you are looking for a new option to add your offline game collection that can be played anytime, anywhere, don’t miss AMAZE!.