Word Search – Words Puzzle Game for Windows Phone

Word Search crossword game on Windows Phone will bring you joy every day. Word Search has 10 master packages to include 192 carefully selected items.

Word Search tracks your progress through a variety of word search puzzles. The game consists of randomly placed letters in cells that are rectangular or square. The goal of this game is to find and mark all the hidden words inside the box. Words are placed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Usually a list of hidden words will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, but if you encounter difficult words and can’t be solved then use the help by clicking on the light bulb icon on the right screen. Your task is to find all the required crossword in the shortest time possible.


This is a suitable game for English learners for both adults and children, for those who love word search games in daily newspapers, or as effective teaching tools for teachers. Young children who practice Word Search games regularly can improve their intellect and acumen.

Topics include: basic, animal, geographic, food and drink, holiday, bible, history, science, cinema, health. Word Search includes a huge puzzle library with over 10000-word lists, they are arranged to create different word puzzles, avoiding repeating after each play.

If you love crossword games, find words, sudoku, hangman games, find twisting words then you will definitely love this game. The general strategy for finding all words is to look at the word crossword from left to right and vice versa and find the first letter of the word before finding the right word. After finding the letters, you should observe the 8 words around to see if they are related to each other. You can continue using the above method to solve the puzzle or find an effective way to play for you.


Another strategy is to find matching letters within a searched word. Since most of the words you find are capital letters, it is easy to spot prominent letters compared to words like: Q, O, U, X and Z.

Finally the strategy of finding 2 identical letters. You will probably find it easy to find the same two letters because they are side by side and identical in the same network of random characters.

If a word list is not provided, the method used is to find each row one by one. The first is horizontal rows, considering left to right and vice versa. And do the same with vertical rows.