School of Dragons: Learning the Most Important Skill – Fire Breathing

In the fun and adventurous School of Dragons, its undeniable that two of your dragon’s best friends are going to be its ability to breathe out burning huffs of fire and you, its loyal and loving caretaker. While training this skill is necessary, Vikings should know the basics of developing their dragon’s skill until they’re a professional at fire-breathing. The best advice is for players to begin to train this skill at least once or twice while they’re playing the game to ensure that these skills will grow at a steady pace.

Fire Breathing

As a Viking in training, it’s one of your many duties to your dragon to teach it how to breathe fire. The best way, and only way, to do this is by practising this special skill until your dragon can perform fire breathing with precise accuracy and an immense amount of strength.
When your dragon is still young, it will not have any capabilities to control its fire-breathing abilities. This means that you must begin to encourage and push your dragon to not be afraid of this fire-breathing – buy instead embrace it until they feel comfortable with learning how to control it. Though becoming closer to your dragon can be challenging, but the easiest way to do so is to take care of its needs, such as feeding it fish. Since fire-breathing training takes time and energy, your dragon will become annoyed if you push it too much, so feeding it fish will help it get back into its groove while also helping build trust and respect to you as their true owner.

Your dragons first time breathing fire is going to two things – messy and dangers. As they have no prior experience breathing fire, they have no control of the flames – not the direction it may fly to. Moreover, their flames are going to be weaker than a more experienced and older dragon. Thigh this is nothing that an understanding Viking cannot fix. During the process of avoiding the stray fireballs, you will teach your dragon how to control this ability and perfect it. After a few training sessions, taking your dragon on a few quests, or just to explore the world, will help it put its new ability to the test in a natural and authentic way. Just remember, your dragon is like you. Sometimes when its tired and is being pushed too much, they’ll get agitated – though using the old but helpful method of feeding them will solve this issue in full. Granted, its recommended for players to spend a good amount of time fishing so they won’t have to worry about doing it during a quest.

Either way, though – one important thing to remember is that the time you spend bonding with your dragon is equally as important as the time and dedication you put into training it.

Once your dragon begins to develop its fire-breathing ability, you will be able to use it more and more during your quests and adventures. One of the best methods is to allow your dragon to focus on setting ablaze a stationary object, which will grow its confidence. Eventually, you should let your dragon practice with moving targets to allow it to build its accuracy and preciseness as well.

Although this will take time, dedication, and energy – the results you will receive from training your dragon and bonding with it will be worth it. Adventuring with them will be more fun, going on quests will be easier, and knowing that your dragon has gained confidence due to you is the best gift of all.