Dragon Academy Remains Top Match-Three Puzzler on Facebook and Mobile

Dragon Academy is Team Chaos’ take on the new match-three puzzle games that keep players glued to their mobile screens. Available on Facebook, Android and iOS, the game captivates its audience for hours. The goal is to take charge of powerful dragons via the matching of at least three identical colour gems in a game inspired by the likes of Candy Crush Saga and Bejeweled.

Each stage features different requirements in this exciting level-based game, players earn points and by achieving matches of four or more power-ups is possible via dragon eggs which have the power to clear entire columns or rows. Power-ups also remove large numbers of symbols once activated.

Become a Dragon Academy Hero by Saving the Hatchlings

Players get to meet the mischief-making Wobblins along the way who egg-napped the hatchlings of the dragons. In order to save the hatchling, participants need to complete levels. In Dragon Academy, mobile players get to solve well over 150 puzzles featured across thirteen in-game worlds, and an additional three dragons are obtainable via in-app purchases.

Dragon Academy is perfect for players who adore games such as Puzzle & Dragons, Columns, Hexic or Bejeweled. It launched shortly after the fascination release of Angry Birds Star Wars II. Created by Team Chaos, Dragon Academy, inspired by players who enjoy and love puzzle games, is the brainchild of a creative team who wanted to produce a character/s that can evolve and at the same time use superior gameplay. The idea is competing against family and friends while having hours of fun.

Players come back to feed their dragons, well-fed dragons fed via mystic runes can use their special powers. To restore order to the Dragon Academy, Purple Dragon, Melty and his crew of misfit dragons are on an adventure. The hatchlings grow as players play through hundreds of puzzles.

The main reasons why thousands of mobile and Facebook players prefer Dragon Academy is the fact that the game is easy to learn, fun to play and challenging to master. The special abilities of the dragons include sonic booms, lightning, fire and ice. Levelling up means larger dragons with more powerful abilities. By unlocking new challenges, players get to explore all thirteen worlds offered on a colourful hand-painted map.

Dragons such as Pokey, Thunderlina and Frosty is available via in-app purchases only. The downloaded game includes Shimmer, Emma and Melty. If you are purchasing any of these apps and are under the age of 18, please make sure you get permission from your parents prior to purchasing any of the dragons.