Top 10 best puzzle games you should try (Part 1)

Puzzle game is a popular game genre because it is easy to play, requires no internet connection and can be played anytime even if you only have a few minutes of free time. 

If you are looking for puzzle games to challenge the brain, entertain or kill time, then discover the following top 10 best puzzle games.

Sometimes we are often in very boring and monotonous cases, not knowing what to do to overcome such time. And the worst thing is no network connection. Puzzle game can be your salvation at that time. A lot of brain-twisting and fun-type puzzle games are developed for almost any type of mobile phone, but finding really interesting options and worth the time to ponder is not easy. 

1. Matches Puzzle Game

Matches Puzzle Game comes with 10 different worlds. Each world consists of 100 levels that can confuse you with puzzles based on seemingly simple matches. The puzzles are of different difficulty levels, but the initial quests are still quite easy and quickly solved. All you need to do is move, add and remove matches until you find the correct answer. Each stage will give you a problem and you need to rely on it to find the right solution. If you do not complete the current level, you cannot unlock the next level.

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2. Cookie Jam Blast

Cookie Jam Blast is an interesting match-3 puzzle game that challenges players in combining delicious sweets to complete the mission of each level. You just need to swap places and pair a group of more than 3 similar items to eliminate them. Note that you only have a limited number of moves per level. Cookie Jam Blast also has a kitchen where players can cook delicious food for many attractive rewards. With colorful graphics, 3 attractive game modes, rich help items and lovely friends, Cookie Jam Blast will definitely give you a great time of entertainment.

3. Bubble Island 2

Ball shooting games are basically based on the same mechanism: shoot a ball at a suitable target to eliminate the surrounding balls and complete the game. There are many ways to make the ball game more challenging and interesting, such as creating different goals, adding support items or introducing new characters, but in the end, everything is completely decided. by the way you shoot the ball. Despite this, Bubble Island 2 provides a vivid and interactive environment, truly bringing the experience of shooting the ball into the puzzle world based on real physical physics.