Puzzle Games

Do you like testing your mental capabilities? How about your knowledge? Do you like playing games? Well, if the answer to all these questions is yes, then you definitely need to check out different puzzle games. These are games in which the player is required to use logic and keen analysis to put different pieces together so as to arrive at the correct solution. It usually tests and individuals knowledge and his ability to detect patterns.

Types of Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are usually categorised into distinct groups depending on the nature of the game and the skills required in solving the puzzle. Some of the types of puzzles include crossword puzzles, number puzzles, word-search puzzles, construction puzzles and disentanglement puzzles among many others.

How to Solve Different Puzzle Games

Depending on the type of game, different puzzle games require different sets of skills are required to arrive at the correct solution. In some games, players need to have strong observation and analytical skills to be able to identify recurrent patterns. High inductive reasoning skills also offer an added advantage to the players. For puzzle games that require constant inquiry and discovery, strong deductive skills are essential to arrive at the correct solution.

Different Types of Puzzle Games

Initially, puzzle games were played on paper or using tangible objects. However, upon the dawn of the technological era, puzzle games are mainly played on smartphones and other gaming devices. Mobile game developers have been actively creating new games on both the android and apple platforms to serve the increasing number of gamers globally.

Unlike traditional puzzle games, modern puzzle games incorporate the use of creative visual arts, clear audio signals and touchscreen controls to create the ultimate gaming experience. The games use different incentives to motivate the players to continue. These incentives include: awarding the players prizes after completing a particular level or the use of points to unlock higher levels in the game. Different puzzle games that are popular include:


This is an android game in which the objective of the player is to combine adjacent grid boxes that contain the same number so as to form a new number which represents the sum-total of the two. The grid boxes are usually square in shape and range from four by four boxes all the way to eight by eight boxes.

The Room

This is a puzzle games that provides the players with a series of complex puzzles with the aim of discovering the hidden secrets and treasures. Players must find secret compartments, discover the clockwork mechanism and rearrange the switches to as construct and manipulate the new stage.

The game makes use of creative visuals and touchscreen controls such as taps and swipes so as to give the game a natural feel and to keep the players glued to the screen.


This is a game developed on both the android and iOS systems. It involves cultivating a growing plant by exposing it to the ideal environmental conditions and pruning it. Players go through several stages, and the ultimate goal is to make the plant grow towards the light.