What Makes a Puzzle App so Popular?

As anyone who views the app store of their mobile device can tell, puzzle games have been growing in popularity. These games are known for having interesting layouts, plots, goals, and so many more additions which have gained them a loyal fanbase of players. Although, one of the most simplistic reasons of puzzle gaming success is linked to the underlying idea that puzzles are the best way to beat boredom.

All that is needed is a mobile dive, a puzzle app, and some time to spare before you are magically sunken into a place where you’re hyper-focus on solving some type of puzzle. Though the ease of creating a puzzle game has caused an influx to flood the app store and players can be confused about which aspects make a good puzzle game. While one of the best ways to know is to try the game out for yourself, a few of these tips could help you narrow down the search.

Is the Game Extensive

When the word extensive is used, it is more so to reference how many levels does the game have, is it still being constantly updated, are the puzzles modern, interesting, and challenging, and could you see yourself playing it for hours. While these questions are hard to solve until you test the app yourself, looking at reviews can help with the process. Plus, while the main goal of puzzle solving is to challenge yourself with new puzzles that require trial and error as well as skills, you never want to go for a puzzle app that will eventually have you sitting there for hours confused and frustrated. The main thing is to be having fun.

Is the App Well-Made

While this may be given at points, the design and layout of the apps can heavily influent if you enjoy it or not. Since apps can be easily created and added to app stores, there’s always the chance of downloading a less than satisfactory puzzle app and just becoming frustrated. It doesn’t help that some social media platforms will sell a false image of a puzzle game that looks and plays nothing like the advertainment. It always helps to look at any screenshots from the app’s direct page as well as many times it has been downloaded. Most of the popular puzzle apps have a higher star rating, downloaded number, as well as countless screenshots showing off why the game is so popular.

Is it a Social Puzzle Game

Not all puzzle apps have a social feature, although some of the most popular ones do – which increases the popularity of it. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy having a friendly competition and surpassing a friend’s level on the app while playing. Take Panda Pop for example. This puzzle app has a simple gameplay of matching colours to recuse baby panda. While the gameplay itself is extremely attention-grabbing some of the true entertainment is the option to connect it to Facebook and see which levels your friends are on, have passed, or are even stuck on.