What are the Best Puzzle Games for 2018

Puzzle games are growing in popularity as many people are enjoying the benefits of playing and solving them. Solving puzzles can lead to a feeling of personal enjoyment and satisfaction and since many more are being offered on mobile devices – they can be played anywhere you desire. The satisfaction is also the culprit for the reason why putting down these puzzle-solving apps can be so challenging at times as well.

Since 2018 has started, there has been a notable spike in the number of puzzle games offered on IOS and Android. This could be caused by a variety of releasing ranging from creators can easily put their unique puzzle games in the app stores, or even the simple fact that these puzzles differ from traditional ones that require you to be stationary to finish it (mainly jigsaw puzzles).
Here are some of the most popular puzzle apps that have been released this year. Who knows, maybe you can find one that you can become addicted too! Just note that some of these apps will cost money, but they are worth each dime.

1. Monument Valley 2

While this is the sequel to the original Monument Valley, this puzzle game is a standalone game that does not require you to play the first one to understand it. Each puzzle grows more challenging as the level increases and the small details, and cool tone touches of colours make this slot extremely relaxing to play during your free time. In this puzzle game, you are travelling through a Kingdom to finish your ongoing journey with the main heroine Jo and her helpful child that you can control when needed. This puzzle game is perfect for players who enjoy a minimalistic look and a relaxing atmosphere.

2. The Room Old Sins

This puzzle game comes from the esteemed Fireproof Games as it creates a new challenge for the player. Although, the true kicker of this puzzle game is that takes note of your device’s sensors and tailors the game to give the payer a feeling of control. In this mysterious puzzle game, you are investigating a surprise disappearance of a couple that leads you to have to survive and finds a way out of their carefully constructed home that is reminiscent of a child’s dollhouse. While incorporating some elements of tension and mystery – this game is not locking on the puzzle solving side.

3. Layton’s Mystery Journey

The Layton series has been undeniably one of the most popular puzzle series due to its unique and colourful character design and fun storylines. This puzzle game follows the adventure of the daughter of the famed detective as she begins the steps to create her own detective agency. It features an array of logic-based puzzles as the young detective is trying to discover what happened to her missing father as well as discover the secrets regarding the nobles in London. While you can play this game offline, connecting to a network will give you the ability to download new puzzles daily.

4. Vandals

This colourful and interactive puzzle apps combines an open world experience with the enjoyment of solving a puzzle that has a set end goal. In this puzzle game, the player must aid a street artist through a series of back alleys and pathways to avoid detection of the threats lurking in the streets. The puzzle aspect comes in as the player must direct manipulate the moment of the threats by using a series of items. Though, an additional factor is the hidden photos that can be collected of real modern street art.