Dragon Academy Interesting, Challenging and Good for You

Puzzle-based or inspired games are amongst the most popular on iOS and Android mobile devices and for good reason, since puzzles have been around for centuries and offer great benefits to players. Putting together pieces or matching pieces have been an enjoyed entertainment since the early 1700s. At first, it was hand-cut pieces of wood developed as toys that benefitted the health and well-being of those who could not get enough of the games. Games such as Dragon Academy, inspired by puzzles, requires participants need to form an identical symbol or object combination are often recommended by psychiatrists.

Team Chaos Embraces Match-Three Puzzle Games

It is for all the reasons above that Team Chaos, a game developer based in Austin releases its own version of match-three or more puzzles, and Dragon Academy is one of the most enjoyed games on Facebook, Android and iOS. Players get to take charge of six dragons, each powerful with several superhero strengths, as they complete puzzles consisting of three or more objects and the game is inspired by levels just like other games such as Candy Crush and Bejeweled.

Each level or stage have different requirements such as a number of points that need to be reached in only a limited number of moves. Power objects appear when matches contain four or more identical objects, and power-up dragon eggs become part of a play, allowing participants to clear entire columns or rows. To keep players captivated, Team Chaos introduces several characters such as the mischievous Wobblins out to steal the hatchlings of the dragons.

According to Polack, the love of gaming was the main reason of the team to create Dragon Academy and games such as Hexic, Puzzle & Dragons as well as Bejeweled and even Angry Birds are what fascinates mobile players. When asked what inspired the storyline and design behind Dragon Academy, Polack says the first was to create a game that would motivate players to come back, which requires a good puzzle with a variety of gaming mechanics. It needs to remain interesting and challenging so that player can look forward to more levels and, achieving current levels.

This was the main reason for introducing vines, which gobble up any tile they spread towards, vines also spread and provide all levels with an exciting new feel. Players get more say as a basic level with enough vines leaves them with the decision to remove the goo or first fulfil their goal. What keeps play at a super exciting level is the reward vs risk factor part of every move. Just when players believe they have the game under control another few surprises, thrown into the mix to add the excitement part of interesting challenges to start anew.