Dragon Academy: A Hogwarts for Dragons

In Dragon Academy game players get to train their dragons by matching three or more identical symbols or as the game call it, you need to hatch at least three during play. Players spend the most of their time by matching identical coloured symbols, while the game offers a blend of strategising and player skills. The game kicks off with a comic-book-style intro that can be confusing due to the disjointed images sometimes cut by the game display.

The game is based on training your dragons as quick as possible to discover each dragon’s unique powers. The starter lizard called Melty needs assistance to gain access to the school of dragons. To give Melty, the power-up he needed is to match as many identical symbols as possible since once he is all powered-up, your task becomes so much easier, just one click, on Melty and he sweeps away rows of identical symbols at once.

Use Your Five Dragon Academy Lives Wisely

As with the variety of different puzzle or match-three games available on social media, in Dragon Academy players get five lives, and play can continue until all five used. The five lives give you the chance to reach each levels objective, which could include getting potions to the bottom, achieving a certain score or removing obstacles. Each level cleared shows Melty as he moves around the map, his main goal is to defeat a selection of goblin creatures known as the Wobblins. These goblins enjoy harassing the dragons by stealing dragon eggs. Players main goal is to evolve their dragons. Along the way other dragons unlock, these can also be evolved, and each dragon identified by different colours has a special power.

Dragon Academy Popular Due to Easy Play

Dragon Academy gets new players hooked due to how easy it is to start playing, although the longer you play, the more challenging it gets. Players have two choices spend more time playing or spend money on in-game purchases. By level thirty the game becomes quite involved, and the match-making is more difficult forcing players to work on a strategy of how to gain the fastest and best power-ups for their dragons. Fail at any level, and your dragon cries, so if you don’t plan carefully, you might cry as you empty your wallet to keep your dragon happy. The idea is good although the three-match puzzle style is a bit familiar. What counts in favour of Dragon Academy is its fun audio effects, cute graphics and collectable dragons.