Diamond Puzzle – The classic diamond puzzle game for PC

Diamond game has become so familiar to everyone, the simple way of playing with beautiful graphics will surely bring you moments of relaxation.

Diamond Puzzle is one of the classic diamond puzzle games with lots of colors and interesting features. If you are the first game players especially puzzle genre then surely can not ignore Diamond Puzzle.

The way to play is simple: you put diamonds of the same color and shape next to each other (from 3 or more). The difficulty level of the game will increase gradually and you can customize the amount of sound of the game to your liking. In addition, it also allows you to save the results when playing.


Following the success of its predecessors, Diamond Puzzle also includes interesting colorful diamonds. Your task in the game Diamond Puzzle is to simply move these colorful diamond blocks into 3 or more diamonds, lining up in a row horizontally or vertically to eat points.

In Diamond Puzzle, the difficulty increases with the level of the game so the player will not get bored because it’s so easy. You can pair 4 or more diamonds to form power stones. When using these special pellets they will explode and create more points. The more combos you create, the faster you will cross the table.

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Especially when moving 5 to 6 diamonds in the same row in Diamond Puzzle, all the circumstances in the game table will change. Rows of layers of diamonds are eaten to make the player’s mood more excited. The sound of the diamonds colliding with each other, the light trails shot on the screen will increase the vibrancy in the game.

System requirements

  •      233MHz processor or faster
  •      32 MB RAM
  •      16-bit Sound Card and graphics.

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